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Poudre Canyon

Posted on 06. Dec, 2010 by in News

I have been quite motivated as of late, and my efforts have been focused on several new undone lines in the Poudre. I always seem to enjoy heading up to Ft. Collins this time of year. The rock is great, and lately there has been a fun and motivated crew to go with. The forest there is one of the best in Colorado, and we even saw some huge lion tracks in the snow the other day. Some of the first projects to go down were right off the road. I climbed the FA of Bloc Negative V10 and Dead Moose V10 recently.

IMG_9464 Bloc Negative V10 FA
IMG_9495Bloc Negative V10 FA

Bloc Negative adds a difficult mantel and left exit to Bloc 2 V9 on the Bloc Boulder, which is a fun stop just off the road beyond the Hatchery Boulder. Dead Moose climbs the sloping bulge right of Crusher at the 420s.
149146_487106153912_702813912_5551711_7464510_n Camp in Deadmoo5

Brian Camp made the second ascent of Dead Moose and Andre Difelice almost climbed the third ascent. I guess he’ll have to make his way back up soon. The other projects are scattered around the canyon. I am confident all of these will be climbed some day. Check them out!

IMG_9625 Lost in the Hood project 8C?
This is one of the best. Perfect rock and a huge move on a steep rounded bulge.

IMG_9629Pinch Project 8B? Awesome rock and unique moves.

IMG_9632Another angle on the Pinch Project

IMG_9660 The Red October Project 8B+ or 8C

IMG_9605Ken’s Roof Sit Project, I climbed this to the lip yesterday, but was forced to hang and drop from the lip due to melting snow. Probably V11.

The new Organic hats I am wearing in a few of the photos are sick! Josh does it once again.

10 Responses to “Poudre Canyon”

  1. ClimbHighCO

    06. Dec, 2010

    Gotta love stickin’ it in the Poudre

  2. Beaudering

    06. Dec, 2010

    Poudre 4 Life.

  3. Mark

    06. Dec, 2010

    Can I ask why its the “Lost in the Hood” project, when theres already a Lost in the Hood 8B+ in HCR? Is it because of that long reachy low percentage move it looks like you’re doing?

  4. B3

    06. Dec, 2010

    Yeah, seems like a very similar move. Maybe Voges will come do it first.

  5. Mark

    06. Dec, 2010

    Yeah… I kind of worked that one out as I was writing my comment. It seems like my kind of problem though. Just need to get stronger (by… a lot). 6’7″ with a +2 ape index. GET SOME.

  6. AJP

    06. Dec, 2010

    i approve of the socks. good style.

  7. B3

    06. Dec, 2010

    I always have to keep it new. And warm.

  8. françois

    06. Dec, 2010

    how do you like the blackwings? I ordered a pair but they were too small so i had to send them back for a bigger size. still waiting for them.

  9. B3

    06. Dec, 2010

    My new favorite shoes. So nice!

  10. slabdyno

    09. Dec, 2010

    y bother with these? they’re already named and graded. just put them up on 8a and your done.

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