Organic Crashpads

Organic Crashpads

Posted on 12. Nov, 2010 by in News

I just got a sick new crashpad from my friend Josh Helke and Organic Climbing and I am really psyched about it! Organic makes the best crashpads. I love the bold colors, thick, long lasting padding, and the unique designs. Not to mention they make the most comfortable shirts, sweatshirts and hats on the planet. Thanks again Josh for all your hard work. Check out my new foam!


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  1. Beaudering

    12. Nov, 2010


  2. aron

    12. Nov, 2010

    so sponsored…

  3. greasy Onions

    13. Nov, 2010


    Why don’t you give some away as a promo? Create an Organic marketing blitzkrieg if you will. I would even take your hand-me-downs because I am not worthy of a fresh, clean, new pad. What do you think? Early Christmas presents?

    greasy O

  4. D-RON

    13. Nov, 2010

    Jamie, Are Organic Pads and Clothing made here in the USA? Nearly all major outdoor clothing companies (North Face, Rei). manufacture overseas and take away good jobs here. It would be nice to see this trend change in the climbing industry. We need manufacturing jobs here in the USA if we ever hope of economic recovery.

  5. B3

    13. Nov, 2010

    made in the USA!

  6. D-RON

    13. Nov, 2010

    Good to hear. If they are providing you sponsorship support, good for you. I am jealous. Being a big advocate for the free-market, I love to see climbers being supported and sponsored by the manufacturers of equipment. Capitalism at is best!

  7. campusman

    13. Nov, 2010

    took a spill the other day…i’m fine of course, god is in me hard core..ropes exclusively now, too spooked after that fall…yay for endurance!!

  8. AKJessie

    14. Nov, 2010

    Organic pads are very nice but there are some problems.
    1. the pads do not flex at all so when trying to protect a boulder in a landing it makes a see saw
    2. Ive purchased two organic pads. The design on both was less than stunning. It seems if you are not getting a free pad the design is very blah. I would have hopped that at nearly 350 dollars the pad would have popped and seemed less manufactured than hand made like they are.
    Your new pads and daniels are awesome and make the crash pad more a work of art. Its just frusturating to me that mine seemed to have less than half the effort put into it.

  9. Andrew

    15. Nov, 2010


    I have ordered crashpads from Josh for years. For friends, the Mrs., and myself. Josh has created exactly what I asked for. Perhaps you were not as explicit in your wants/needs?

    I have friends with a Superman Logo, with a Dinosaur on their pad, none of them climb harder than v6.

  10. fran├žois

    16. Nov, 2010

    when there is a small boulder/rock in the landing zone do you know what you should do? take your pad and flip it upside down. voila. you now have a more stable landing zone. crazy.
    and for the design, you get what you ask for. if you are not happy with the design then its really your fault. When i ordered my pad, josh asked me several specific questions on the design to make sure it was exactly as i wanted it. And guess what? I got exactly what I asked for.

  11. Josh Helke

    16. Nov, 2010

    Hey AKJessie I am very sorry for your bad feelings, I take these posts to heart and appreciate the feedback : )

    Please note my number one priority is to provide the highest quality pad I can at as fair of price as I can.

    Many people think organic is all about sick custom pads. Indeed, This is an option, but as a serious boulderer my #1 goal is to make BOMBER pads that allow us to climb amazing lines.

    From customer feedback I feel we are succeeding at this goal and am very proud.

    In terms of designs, standard designs for the regular price are “Organic” and one of a kind because we utilize our cutting scraps to make the stripes etc, keeping them out of the garbage as well as making a unique item for no extra charges.

    The amount of time reflected in a pad like Daniels would require a $300 dollar custom charge. This pad required 4 days of sewing work, and many yards of extra fabric, so we do have to charge extra to make these. I am always happy to do this for anyone, but as climbers we often do not want to spend that extra money.

    Again I am very sorry. I do my very best to please everyone, but in 6 years of Biz I have learned that that is not possible, and again I am VERY sorry for that. My hope is that you enjoy those pads Quality for many, many years.
    Josh Helke
    ORGANIC Climbing LLC

  12. mervo

    16. Nov, 2010

    ORGANIC pads are the ONLY pads as far as I’m concerned.

    I’m not even referring to the design/style but the FOAM used in their pads. If you doubt it, open up your pads from all manufacturers and compare it to an ORGANIC.

    Nuff said.

  13. Grandpa

    17. Nov, 2010

    I first bouldered with a Kinnaloa Spot Boulder Pad in 1993 or 1994, and I have owned or climbed over bouldering pads made by just about every manufacturer since.

    While I like Josh, and I enjoy supporting ‘grass-roots’ domestic companies like Organic that manufacture their products in the USA, I choose to purchase Organic Pads because I believe they are the best bouldering pads available.

    As far as “flex” concerns, I understand the issue, however, I believe I’d prefer to have a stiffer foam that holds its shape and, like it was suggested above, I often flip my pad over to better cover awkward-shaped or large boulders in landing zones.

    In regards to colors or patterns, as far as I’ve seen, you can choose to purchase an Organic Pad from a store, in which case you see the color or pattern option(s) before you make your purchase, or you tell Josh the colors or patterns you’d prefer. In my case, I prefer more muted colors / patterns.

    As always, I enjoyed reading your comments, and I’d enjoy hearing about any aspects of the issue that I might have overlooked. And, thank you, Jamie, for posting our comments and for providing a place for this discussion.

    Additional disclosure: I am not a sponsored athlete.

  14. Davin

    19. Nov, 2010

    I have used many different pads to protect every sort of landing possible and some less than possible. I would suggest being very creative in building a pad landing and trying different methods of orientation. Top quality Organic pads are a huge help, and even a must under some very poor or very tall problems. Every landing is different and will take a different configuration. It is an art, as is bouldering, so be creative. Doing so can make a pretty poor landing something that works. The foam in Organic pads is top quality and has made many a landing possible. The sewing is fantastic too, allowing Organic pads to be bent, stuffed, and abused to fit a bad landing. I always trust Organic quality and it has never let me down, ever!

    I would go as far as saying that Organic pads have made possible things that were previously far less possible.

  15. campusman

    19. Nov, 2010

    <——– knows it was a troll that made a comment about the single color soft pads all manufactured outside of the US

  16. Egghead

    20. Nov, 2010

    I emailed Organic through their website one evening just asking if there were any “big pads” already made that I could get shipped quickly. Josh called me about 3 minutes after I emailed. I think it was a Sunday night. Try that with Mad Rock. Although I think it’s great people can express themselves with a unique design, all I care about is my ankles. Awesome foam. Worth every penny. ce

  17. Mike b

    25. Nov, 2010

    Word. Organic makes the best pad, and it’s because of the FOAM!!! and the craftsmanship. the pretty colors are just a bonus!

  18. Jeremy Hardin

    28. Jan, 2011

    Just wanted to drop a few words after dealing with Josh today… Man, I am sold!! His customer service is UNMATCHED in the industry and just an all out pleasure to deal with. If you’re in the market for any chalk bags, messenger bags, or pads Josh and Organic is the way to go! Thanks.

  19. Kyle

    31. Jul, 2012

    I my self just purchased a Organic pad my self and was initially thrilled.Until I realized that the pad that I had purchased is not the dimensions that the pad is advertised at and that I paid for. Since 2009 according to Josh.They are now shipped in custom boxes that are smaller than the dimensions of the pad.Two inches less in both length and the width at either 5” or 3” thick.This is cubic feet overall.Says he was unaware that the website was so out of date.That he does not want me to think he is trying to scam anyone.That Is exactly what he is doing to people and did. When asked if he could just make me a pad at the dimensions that are advertised and that I paid for not a partial dimensions pad.He stated that he could not because of shipping.Prior to this change he was able to ship them.Other companies who are base and made in the USA have pads of the same dimensions and are able to ship them some how.But not Organic this is something I would expect from a larger company.You shrink the size don’t change your advertising to reflect the changes for YEARS and charge the same amount though.When he buys materials to make his pads he expects to get what he orders is advertised and pays for of course because this is illegal to do otherwise.

  20. matt

    12. Oct, 2012

    The 2 inches makes no difference. I would rather have solid foam than an extra couple inches. Your making this company out to being shady which they are everything but. Josh handles all the orders himself. Its a small company that provides amazing products at a price thats better than the crap you buy overseas. I will bet that when you talked to him he told you that he would gladly pay to have it shipped back to him and try to get you something that better suits you. Thats the way he is. He is all about making the customer happy while providing craftsmanship and a product that is above par.

    The fact that you see his pads all over should speak for itself.

    I hope nobody second guesses a purchase from him because of this other post.

  21. Mike

    25. Jul, 2013

    Just sent a request to Josh for a pad and had an e-mail response in less than two hours. Josh was friendly, professional, and seemed super psyched about helping find me the colors I wanted and then designing a nice pad. On top of that he gave me a bit of a hookup, and then followed up telling me that he was going to be able to get the pad to me in 1-2 weeks, rather than 3-4. Josh then blew my mind by sewing and shipping the pad 3 days after our first conversation. Great pads, amazing customer service, and made here in the USA by climbers.

  22. Ian

    01. Apr, 2014

    Started bouldering at my local gym the last 2 months and decided to check out a crash pad for the spring/summer. Came across these guys and emailed them with a design and a few questions. I was surprised to see he responded within 1-2 hours with all the information I asked. It was only TEN DOLLARS to have them design my custom color. He said it will only take 2 weeks to get here. Hands down the nicest exchange of emails I’ve ever had with a company. I can’t wait for my first crash pad to get here!

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