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Boulder Canyon and RMNP

Boulder Canyon and RMNP

Posted on 03. Nov, 2010 by in News

Fall has finally made its way down to Boulder, which means that winter has come to the high country. This doesn’t stop me from visiting the Park, as there are many boulders scattered about the forest. Thursday I went to scope out an old Ken Kenny project deep in the woods near Veritas. I walked out there with a couple of pads, cleaned the line off, figured out the beta and climbed it. Even in the trees it was blustery, but an enjoyable day nonetheless. There are a number of glacial erratics in the forests of the Park and I think this represents a new realm for development. I named the problem Last of the Living Things V11. The crux of the problem is a big dyno, which I thought felt similar in difficulty to the dyno on Cage Free, in Boulder Canyon. Convenient because I had been working on the sit start that line, Free Range V13, for a few days as well. Monday I went back to Boulder Canyon with my beta worked out and good conditions on my side and climbed the line. It’s a nice problem and it’s hard to beat the jump on Cage Free for one of the best single moves on rock in the state.
I also reached two arbitrary milestones this weekend. Last of the Living Things was the 100th problem of the V11 grade I have climbed, and Cage Free made for 300 problems in total V10 or harder I have climbed. I’m not sure what exactly that means, except that after 11 years of bouldering I still enjoy the challenge, the time spent outside. the intricacies of moving over stone, and the people I can share that with.

17 Responses to “Boulder Canyon and RMNP”

  1. Jacob

    03. Nov, 2010

    Nice post. Maybe the round numbers mean something. At the very minimum they signal anniversaries of sorts and a good opportunity to think about all the memories and experiences related to this sport. I spend some time on Cage Free today. Still far away from sending it but for some reason, even though the problem is just two moves, I don’t get tired of trying it. Maybe I’ll try it 99 times and send it on number 100. Hopefully I won’t have to wait until number 300….

  2. Kaelen W

    03. Nov, 2010

    Maybe it means it’s time to start climbing on a rope for a change? 😉

  3. B3

    03. Nov, 2010

    Nice Kaelen. I would like to climb 5.14 sometime. I almost went to Wild Iris this summer. As it stands my hardest redpoint is 5.11b.

  4. Kaelen W

    03. Nov, 2010

    Ha ha!

  5. Bob

    03. Nov, 2010

    You gonna make it out to HP40 this weekend?

  6. Justin

    03. Nov, 2010

    How long ago was the 5.11b?

    I’ve done a 5.11c which was like a v4 followed by a 5.9 I bet you could finish that without too many days work…hahaha

  7. campusman

    03. Nov, 2010

    all of those old school 14’s are 5.16 or harder due to the slimestone
    the 13’s put up by that one skinny chick with tiny fingers are
    impossible for anyone with pinkies that are fatter than her middle finger

  8. campusmang

    03. Nov, 2010

    scuze me, dolotite

  9. cj

    03. Nov, 2010

    So whats your favorite problem so far?

  10. B3

    03. Nov, 2010

    If I have to go with only one, I would say Golden Harvest, in Rocktown.

  11. seth

    03. Nov, 2010

    Pics of ‘Last of the Living Things?’ Don’t tease me like this Jemerson.

    How many stars? *, **, or ***

  12. B3

    03. Nov, 2010

    I only have one pic of it and it is somewhat dirty. I can post it on facebook if you’re really psyched. I would give it two stars, maybe? It’s an independent line, the rock is ok, the landing is flat.

  13. Narc

    04. Nov, 2010

    Speaking of pictures, what’s the story about the V13 you put up at Red Feather? Did I somehow miss that or did you never really say anything specific about it?

  14. B3

    05. Nov, 2010

  15. B3

    05. Nov, 2010

  16. sticcs

    05. Nov, 2010

    damn jamie, a lot of news and info in a small update. nice work on free range too, ive been meaning to tell you. also, i find it funny that we have the same redpoint past.


    08. Nov, 2010

    I’M GOING TO FACEBOOK. if there is no photo of the new rig, i will gut you like a fish, but slow like melting ice. BLOOD ICE!

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