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Posted on 29. Oct, 2010 by in News

ENTER THE WOLVO from chad greedy on Vimeo.

24 Responses to “ENTER THE WOLVO”

  1. Adam M

    29. Oct, 2010

    Yyyuuppp. Nice freakin work. Shouldn’t have watched this before bed. I want to climb and I can’t.

    Word fellas. Good climbs.


  2. micah

    29. Oct, 2010

    I think I’m ready to go climbing now…

  3. matt

    29. Oct, 2010

    legit. i dont know how many times i said “no f$#%$ way” while watching some of the moves in this. nice work fellas.

  4. campusman

    29. Oct, 2010

    the 16 second Dyno Direct Despondency vid on fb equals this vid like two trolls in one body getting shut down by one man

  5. campusmang

    29. Oct, 2010

    what I mean is this video is very cool.

  6. abe -

    29. Oct, 2010

    Dave ur the Man . .
    Chad, Ur vids are getting better. . .
    But , seriously !!! Nelly – WTF

  7. Anon.

    29. Oct, 2010

    Speechless. Freaking awesome. La Vida Loca.

  8. ncclimber

    29. Oct, 2010

    Am I the only one that thought the editing at the beginning of the movie sucked?? At first I thought that multiple shots at once was cool, then I began to find it incredibly distracting. Seems like you should stick to one shot except during intros/ transitions etc. Once the video changed to full frame videos of the problems, I enjoyed it thoroughly!!! Incredibly sick problems and an awesome looking place to climb. Dave has to be the most psyched person ever and it shows in this footage!

  9. cj

    29. Oct, 2010

    Thank you C. Greedy for ruining my rest day! Thanks to all who contributed to this video, I needed an extra psych boost for the weekend.

  10. shamwow

    29. Oct, 2010

    amazing footage, amazing editing, and at the end of the day, a couple of nice boys when it comes to our relationship with the land and access management- way to be professionals across the board gentlemen!!!!!

  11. campusman

    29. Oct, 2010


    thats called telling them what you are gonna tell them in a short paragraph when there is way too much footage for one attention span.

  12. jill

    30. Oct, 2010

    philip k. dick quote – good
    music – bad
    outro – good
    intro – bad

    overall- cool video man!

  13. CSanders

    30. Oct, 2010

    I think that was the point! it was suppose to be crazy!

    Great work guys! All I have to say is it ROCKED!

    even more STOKED to climb now :)

  14. campusmang

    30. Oct, 2010

    sorry NC, I was a fool
    Sorry JE, I was a fool to you earlier today too

  15. j

    30. Oct, 2010

    What climb was the overhanging arete that started out with the toe hooks that dave did, i think it was right after ‘vanilla sky’

    looked like he was gonna puke after

  16. B3

    30. Oct, 2010

    Tattooed Teardrops V13

  17. sock hands

    01. Nov, 2010

    so many lines left to try.
    will evans be dry in december?

  18. cat

    01. Nov, 2010

    I wish the video matched the hype of the place, maybe a more seasoned climbing film editor can edit these shots and make it better. Also, I noticed this on Chad’s own site too, but… does Chad misspell on purpose or is switching “decent” for “descent” suppose to be subtle puns?

    Good effort, but can’t wait for more videos to roll out about this place!

  19. shamwow

    02. Nov, 2010

    so, you’re saying that the video did NOt make Wolverine Land look cool? the footage wasn’t quite as good as it could have been, but it seems like Greedy was actually trying to have fun himself and MAYBE do a little climbing too- i think this is one of the best films of a single area, especially given that they are all new problems and we got to see the footage almost instantaneously after the climbing took place, I don’t think this have ever happened before? (also remember that it’s FREE!)

  20. me

    02. Nov, 2010

    LAME…………………..&whats up with daves hair?and btw tatts on yer belly make u look like a fool woods.

  21. Adam M

    02. Nov, 2010

    @shamwow: Word. Climbin, takin some video, sending new lines, given right to us for some beta directly after the season. Cool. I wasn’t looking for the next BigUp or Sender Film, but I got to know what Wolvo is like and it’s close to where I live.

  22. m

    03. Nov, 2010

    the video is awesome.
    it’s a very simple idea, very simply conveyed, as roughly shoot and edited as it is. the telling of more stories at once with shifting focus, foreground and background, the home made look (actually its home made essence), the fact that’s it’s free to watch.. well all these things have meanings.
    the island, whatever it is we can grasp of it, it’s quite democratic an entity. or so it seems to me. and it shows precisely through these videos they’re making, which are some quite strong statements.
    I just loved this one, can’t have enough.

  23. Steve

    07. Nov, 2010

    Did Dave almost say, “Very nice to meet you, old woman?” umm, err, awkward… Great video.

    “Old man. My name is Dennis. Well you didnt bother to ask.” – MP

  24. Andy Mann

    11. Nov, 2010

    “Andy Mann Land!” Approve.

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