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Litz climbs Joe’s Valley’s Hardest

Posted on 25. Oct, 2010 by in News

James Litz has made the FA of The Insurgency V14, which is the sit start to an existing V11, the Skeleton Key. This is a very hard line on good black rock. Very well done! Even more impressive is that James is fully employed, making him one of the strongest weekend warriors in America. This summer James made a brief visit to Colorado, where he climbed Aslan V14, Don’t Get Too Greedy V13, The Exfoliator V13, Phobos V11 and Small Arms V11. It seems that the weather here in Colorado may have finally shut down the alpine areas, and I hope to make it out to Joe’s soon for some unfinished business.

DSC_0062-2-680x1024 The Skeleton Key. The sit comes in from the right on very small incut crimps.

26 Responses to “Litz climbs Joe’s Valley’s Hardest”

  1. Mathieu

    25. Oct, 2010

    I think it should be called Skeleton Key Sit. So much disrespect.
    Kidding :) Inspiring send.

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  3. Nate

    25. Oct, 2010

    I love the caveat that James is “fully employed.” I propose a handicap system for V grades:
    part time job add 1/2 a grade
    full time 1 full grade
    married to non-climber 2 full grades
    add 1 full grade for each child you have.
    And yes this means I’m giving DW a run for the money!

  4. ktmt

    25. Oct, 2010

    @Nate Damn straight! Now you’re talking to the majority of us out here. Climbers like Litz (and Jacinda Hunter, and…) are truly inspiring.

  5. wog

    25. Oct, 2010

    Any handicap for full time students?

  6. Pedro

    25. Oct, 2010

    @Nate, you are onto something man… and i agree! And James Litz… keep on sending… inspiring stuff

  7. Anthony Allopenna

    25. Oct, 2010

    Fully Agree Nate. Jessie Bonin is another guy who holds down a job and crushes. Super inspiring! Nice to see climbers with responsibility outside of crimpers, sending hard.

  8. Adam M

    25. Oct, 2010

    Totally agree! Balancing full time work, girl, and climbing is hard. Nice work James!


    26. Oct, 2010

    in addition to the foregoing, if we can also add a handicapp point for being short with no ape index and being generally uncoordinated, I AM THE STRONGEST IN THE WORLD.


    wait, peter beal has achieved v18, then. SHIT! I LOSE AGAIN!

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  11. campusmang

    27. Oct, 2010

    Thats sick, but what else is new?

    Terry Eman, passed away last Saturday. He was a good friend of James Beissel’s and I went to New York with Terry once to the Gunks. Did you ever meet him Jamie?

    My friend gave me Terry’s climbing shoes a couple months ago. Terry was going through a really hard time and took his life! I wish I contacted him after receiving his climbing shoes, things should have clicked but I was too self absorbed. There is a good lesson here in paying attention to things more, our friends are so important.

    You are going to send the Black Lung James, I just know it. I am praying for you too. Lord, you are awesome and we know your power is amazing. We are here because of you and have witnessed your power through prayer before. Give James Emerson the Power to Send Black Lung and let him scream to the top of his lungs to You lord when he reaches the top.

  12. campusman

    27. Oct, 2010

    “Use lots of padding”

    -God The Father

  13. cardboard_dog

    27. Oct, 2010

    Dude, campusmang .. REEL THAT SHIT IN. Seriously. You are shithouse crazy enough without Jesus in the mix.

  14. Pat

    27. Oct, 2010

    I’m lost when I read campusman’s posts, is he trolling and everyone just ignores him? On the other hand, love the blog. Keep up the good work!

  15. cj

    27. Oct, 2010

    Using a handicap system i would say Shawn Diamond is the strongest climber in the world. Crohn’s uses enough energy as is!

  16. campusman

    28. Oct, 2010

    Hi, my name is campusman, thanks for the comments?

    Everyone Ignores me?

    Cardboard, I already know you are a piece of work, why are you confirming this more?

    Baby Jesus? Why would I care so much about some dude in a mystery book still? Because he brought out truth in me? Because he can bring out truth in others?

  17. campusman

    28. Oct, 2010

    a climbing partner of mine died, and thats what you have to say? Wow.

    I guess that is what you have to say to me…Yeah, Ive been crazy before. Who doesn’t know that though?

    I was saying God The Father told me to tell Jamie to use a lot of pads while climbing black lung. I’m excited for him and want to give him all the help I can…God really told me to tell him to use a lot of pads so the impact on his body wasnt so great while falling…So he would have enough strength to do it. What is so crazy about that?
    I guess I just have to explain myself to people that really don’t think there is a God. Let me tell you, we are here from the holy spirit. Amazing right! I am completely sane and happy because of the holy spirit, Amazing Right!

  18. B3

    28. Oct, 2010

    Campusman was one of my first climbing partners at Grand Ledge. He is a good guy and I appreciate his commentary. We have had a number of really fun climbing days together, in Ohio, MI, RMNP and KY if I recall correctly.

  19. campusman

    28. Oct, 2010

    On the other hand, I truly suggest you both just do something else with your free time. I meant no harm to either of you to begin with.

    Lay off the drugs and be nice to your family.

  20. Adam M

    28. Oct, 2010

    Matt Wilder.

  21. matt

    29. Oct, 2010

    i concur adam.

  22. Pat

    29. Oct, 2010

    Cool, well that clears things up a bit. No disrespect campusman, sorry for your lost. I was genuinely curious as to the nature of your posts, and I too am pretty crazy at times, so you’re not alone in your madness!

  23. cardboard_dog

    30. Oct, 2010

    CampusMANG. Sorry dood. Didn’t know you lost a friend.

    You are still a crazy basturd. Anyone who can get banned from for having multiple personalities is doing something right.

  24. campusman

    01. Nov, 2010

    dude, you are cool…i figure if i just tell you, you might actually be that way.

  25. campusmang

    01. Nov, 2010

    get linux, and get a clue

  26. campusman

    01. Nov, 2010

    multiple personalities?

    Dude, you dont need to relate multiple personalities with multiple screen names unless you are crazy.

    I was banned for talking the most trash & the best trash

    hands down

    though i’m sure you have finally surpassed me, as you still do everything at the weakmo site.

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