Mt. Evans

Posted on 11. Sep, 2010 by in News

Just a quick update from a brief evening session at Wolverineland. Dave Graham made the first ascent of a new V14 called To Your Scattered Bodies Go, which we had been referring to as “The Ski Jump Project”. It sits alone on the ridge. This is an obvious sit start to a problem put up by Jon Glassberg called Take it to the Grave V12. It took Dave three days to link the bottom boulder problem, and he never fell off of Take it to the Grave on link. It starts sitting, with a left hand on a good undercling and right hand on a crimp. A toe hook and a long move leads to a very nice pinch. Dave tried really hard and it was great to see another climber in the moment, giving his all. This is now the full line and an amazing addition to the quickly growing list of top notch problems. Today was quite cold, and it more than hints of the coming winter.





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  1. Chris

    11. Sep, 2010

    Badass! wow, that looks amazing!

  2. B3

    11. Sep, 2010

    Yes this is one of the best new ones! In case anyone is curious, the dihedral to the right is extremely difficult.

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  4. Remo

    11. Sep, 2010

    Wow! It’s amazing how many hard problems are going up in this area. Not long ago V14 and 15 were very hard(still are) and very few, now Dave, Daniel and crew seem to dispatch these grades quit rapidly, I’m impressed. You guys are really getting after it!
    Thanks Jamie, love the updates.

  5. cj

    11. Sep, 2010

    Wolverine land is such a great place! I recall the recent FRB interview in which Dave Graham was talking about how climbers from the U.S. travel overseas way more than the Europeans. Hopefully this time next year Wolverine Land will become a huge destination for European travelers. If an area with this many concentrated hard problems put up by world class climbers doesn’t attract European hardmen, than I don’t know what will.

  6. Justin

    12. Sep, 2010

    Seriously? Why would you be hopeful for more crowds (european climbers). If they come, cool, great, whatever, but why would you hope they come?

  7. peter beal

    12. Sep, 2010

    My question is, where are all those Euros going to park?

  8. cj

    13. Sep, 2010

    Why would I hope Euros come to the park?! I don’t care where they go, hell, i rather they come down south by me and show them some world class sandstone. The fact is the U.S needs more visitors. Every foreign climber i seem to talk to say Europe is the best for climbing and that needs to change. Plus, only American climbers are giving grades to these problems and it would be cool it there was some consensus from over seas. and @ justin, your forgetting that most foreigners actually respect nature and they don’t trash areas like Americans do, so crowds wouldn’t bother me (and i’m not saying you don’t respect nature).

  9. TimS

    13. Sep, 2010

    Euros often travel to the states, but prefer venues with reliable weather and easy walk ins, hence why Bishop is so packed with Brits the whole time!

  10. A_W

    13. Sep, 2010

    Europeans don’t drive cars. Duh. And those that do drive really small cars, like minis and smart cars. We should be able to fit like 2-3x as many Eurotrash on the side of the road than Americans.

  11. D-Man

    14. Sep, 2010

    Hey cj. Move to europe! Im sure they will be happy to have your help keeping things clean and beautiful. All of us americans dirt bags will just stay here and destroy things. What a stupid comment! Nearly every climber I know respects nature and climbing areas. You are naive to think that simply because someone is from another country that they have a greater respect for nature and climbing areas than someone else.

  12. cj

    14. Sep, 2010

    Yea stereotypes are generally true though. Yes i agree the comment was pretty negative sounding towards climbers, but the reason i said it was because that’s the only reason i could think of for not wanting visitors. As for the time being, ill continue to bring a trash bag to the crag to pick up after those climbers that litter and trash areas (and yes, there are plenty of those bad apples that put a sour taste in my mouth).

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  14. dave graham is the best

    15. Sep, 2010

    You are the best, Dave. You really pushed and you really push forward modern bouldering. You got the eye to see stuff and the motivation to travel, search and find stuff. I am so happy you put up all these climbs. Look what you made out of RMNP, Bishop, Ticino, Arkansas and now Wolverine Land. Not to mention the numerous amazing other climbs you put up. This is what the kids should look up to most. Let them train in their gym and talk shit about “the ones who won’t train will fall behind” you are the leader of them all. Thanks, Dave, you are the best.

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