Mt. Evans

Posted on 01. Sep, 2010 by in News

Just a bit of news from Lincoln Lake. We had a great day yesterday as the temperatures finally dropped. Snow has already fallen on the summit and it has brought with it crisp conditions! It was probably in the upper 30s in the parking lot but warmed considerably as we got down to the lake. I had my best day yet on Evil Backwards V14 and am hoping I can put this together before the road closes. I am always surprised that even after ten days or so of working on this problem, I am still figuring out and refining beta. Brian got really close on another great project as well. This new one could be V11 or V12. Dave had a great day as well, climbing Let the Right One In V14, Small Arms V11 and the FA of Little House on The Prairie V13. The later was referred to as the Alma Blanca Project. Nick Duttle added a new problem Jamie Emerson V11. What can I do? It’s a worthwhile problem and I am psyched to get back there as soon as possible.

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  1. Kaelen W

    01. Sep, 2010

    Yeah! Jamie Emerson! It’s good!

  2. Scott

    01. Sep, 2010

    Man, Dave/Daniel are really on a rampage up there. Thanks for the updates!

  3. truth

    01. Sep, 2010

    i hear chris sch. went up there, repeated everything and called all this v14 biz v12…comments??

  4. Davin

    01. Sep, 2010

    Is Brian’s project the line left of Small Arms? If so, he was solid on it a few days ago in the warm temps. Looked like a perfect line to finish in the fall cool down. If its a different one, he should finish both! Hope the road is open for a while longer so you guys get it all done.

  5. mike b

    02. Sep, 2010

    good luck on evil backwards jamie, hope to see some of you guys out in Idaho at Castle this fall. Another month and the temps will be prime

  6. sammy d.

    03. Sep, 2010

    I hate you all. Its still 90 and humid in Hueco!!!!!

  7. B3

    03. Sep, 2010

    The good conditions are so nice. We are spoiled. Brian was very close on the project left of Small Arms. Glad you got to get up there Davin. Please continue to post pictures of gigantic boulders in the Winds. That gets me so psyched!

  8. campusman

    03. Sep, 2010

    rest day…here in grand ledge we dont care about creating social anxiety with our community, prime conditions, dont come here and fall all day long.

  9. Pete

    03. Sep, 2010

    It’s time for an 8B+ for you,Jamie!!!

    Take it DOooowwwNNNN!!!!

  10. Mathieu

    04. Sep, 2010

    whoooohooo, evil backward! congrats man!

  11. dp

    04. Sep, 2010

    Congrats on Evil Backwards! Live!

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