Payne continues crushing

Posted on 26. Aug, 2010 by in News

Angie Payne made the FFA of Small Arms, a classic V11 at Lincoln Lake.

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  1. who cares?

    26. Aug, 2010

    jamie seriously who gives a #$%#$?

  2. mervo

    26. Aug, 2010

    Awesome, Simply AWESOME. Way to go Angie, keep crushin.

  3. martin

    26. Aug, 2010

    This is wierd…. we should all demand that she tell us her secret ways!

  4. ange

    26. Aug, 2010

    secret ways: try lots and try HARD :)

  5. B3

    26. Aug, 2010

    @who cares? Ah you’re right! what was I thinking? I’ll stop writing about this worthless sport and the achievements of it’s top athletes! Thanks for showing me!

  6. I care!

    26. Aug, 2010


  7. Crimp'n Ain't Easy

    26. Aug, 2010

    I’m calling it, Angie Payne for Jade FFA! Also whats the deal with Ty…does he even climb anymore?

  8. Pat

    26. Aug, 2010

    @who cares? Chill out, unless this is sarcasm I have the perfect solution…stop visiting Jamie’s blog!!!

  9. Cpt. Obvious

    26. Aug, 2010

    @ whocares ..

    You Care!!! Thats why you’re not only still reading, but more importantly taking the time to write a response! It’s like watching two men make out. If it offends you, just turn the channel!!


  10. cj

    27. Aug, 2010

    Great news for the community of climbers. Also I imagine these recent sends are very inspiring for those who have been injured and are worried about coming back stronger (as seen on the DPM of nngg). Hopefully there will be an awesome FA instead of an FFA coming soon for angie

  11. campusman

    27. Aug, 2010

    @B3, pat, & Cpt. Obvious

    now u know better too

  12. campusman

    27. Aug, 2010

    @who cares


  13. jay-san

    28. Aug, 2010

    Jade FFA, for sure.

    Yeah what up with Ty, he fell off the radar after Font. What gives?

  14. Timpson

    28. Aug, 2010

    While a possible future FFA of Jade would be inspiring and a great achievement, howsabout the men sharing a few rad newly discovered lines for Angie to make inspiriational FA’s of? I think it would be sweet to see her put up a V11, 12, or 13 FA if she finds a line that draws her attention. Props and respect…

  15. B3

    28. Aug, 2010

    The men sharing? Wolverineland is survival of the fittest. How about Angie goes and finds her own new boulders to climb on and truly lead the way? There are plenty of unclimbed boulders there.

  16. Timpson

    28. Aug, 2010

    Seen and heard… and i think i read from her somewhere that she isn’t all that interested in FA’s for several reasons… in any case, just a thought. Sometimes i like to think. Dunno why.

  17. Scott

    28. Aug, 2010

    Yeah, on the sharing note, I’d venture to bit a strong lady like Angie wouldn’t want anyone to share a line with her anyways. She appears to be fully capable of sending hard. I’d love to see her put up something in the double-digit range.

  18. ange

    29. Aug, 2010

    jamie is 100% correct here– no one should “share” a new line with me, i should go find one myself.
    @timpson– i am interested, i guess i just haven’t been motivated enough. i have seen the hard work that goes into an FA, and i have a great deal of respect for it. my motivation to do an FA is definitely growing, and as jamie said, that would be leading the way.

  19. campusman

    29. Aug, 2010

    God is awesome because when I think and talk about him, I feel better than ever.

  20. jill

    29. Aug, 2010

    Yeah.. What is up with TY?

  21. Mathieu

    30. Aug, 2010

    Jamie Emerson V11.

  22. ejw

    30. Aug, 2010

    From what I gather Ty is somewhat burnt out on climbing, and is taking a break to focus on school/other things for the moment. It seems like he pops up in the news every few months, making a notable and hard ascent, and then disappears again. I believe he is in college in Rhode Island right now.

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