Lincoln Lake

Posted on 21. Aug, 2010 by in News

Friday I forget my camera but it was an amazing day of bouldering in the mountains with great friends. It just reminds me of how much fun we’ve been having out there. I checked out Dave Graham’s new V13, Clan of the Cave Bears. I didn’t try it, but it looks sick! I also spotted some other lines that were chalked and cleaned. It is hard to believe how many good hard problems are still being climbed! I tried my now familiar project Evil Backwards V14 and yesterday I linked the second half of the problem. I have now done it in two parts. Daniel and Dave did all the moves on the “Wall Project”, just around the corner from Evil Backwards, and Dave remarked they thought it could be hard V14. Conditions were still a bit warm, but the tundra is starting to turn red with the approaching fall. I also tried a great crimping project cleaned up by Justin Jaeger. I didn’t do all the moves, but we ran out of daylight. Hiking up the hill in the pale moonlight was as amazing as always.

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  1. Kaelen W

    21. Aug, 2010

    I watched Dave and Daniel on the wall project, it looks like a real classic. Cool features and unique moves to an epic highball topout with a death landing.

  2. B3

    21. Aug, 2010

    Yeah that is a great new one that will soon be climbed.

  3. greasy enchiladas

    22. Aug, 2010

    Jaeger rules! The rest are fighting and vying over the silver medals! Beans and rice for life! ge

  4. b3loses

    22. Aug, 2010

    b3, why do you rename an area that already has a name…lincoln lakE! defining an AREA, continued… HA

  5. b3wins

    22. Aug, 2010

  6. sock hands

    23. Aug, 2010

    DANCE WITH THE DEVIL IN THE PALE MOON LIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111

  7. Bart Strege

    23. Aug, 2010

    Hey guys, I developed that hillside in summer of ’01 or ’02 with Mike F., Ned H.,Will L.,and a bunch of others.
    It is called Lincoln Park. Think FRB has archived slide shows of some stuff. Never came close to doing problems at the grades you guys are crushing. None the less ended up with something like 114 problems climbed From top to bottom.
    From V0 to V7? I personally put up 93 of these.
    We did all the most classic lines we could find.
    I realized the sick potential then but the talent wasn’t around.
    Mt. Evans stuff was being done at same time. Good job Ben.
    Glad to see you boys taking it to the next level!

  8. B3

    23. Aug, 2010

    Bart, thanks for all the great information! If there are any problems that you guys did feel free to let us know. I saw the thing on FRB but had no idea you had done so much. Thanks again for sharing!

  9. slabdyno

    24. Aug, 2010

    unshackled sit, aka: bart’s fart ,v7.

  10. campusman

    24. Aug, 2010

    anything with multiple nick names raises the appreciation value

  11. climbing police

    26. Aug, 2010

    I agree, renaming an area, esp with such a stupid name, is a pretty big dab.

    Show some respect.

  12. OBdizzy

    27. Aug, 2010

    I think naming anything Lincoln Park, is completely lame. Period. Unless you’re trying to slander something.

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