Angie Payne climbs the Automator V13, RMNP

Posted on 18. Aug, 2010 by in News

Does anything more need to be said?

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  1. Mathieu

    18. Aug, 2010

    Uncut video or it didn’t happen. Seriously, nice effort ! First V13 by a female climber ?

  2. B3

    18. Aug, 2010

    Word on the street is that uncut footage was taken! Ha! I love it.

  3. Jon G

    18. Aug, 2010

    This is the greatest thing ever. Team Angie!!!!

  4. Pat

    18. Aug, 2010

    Thats sick. SO. SICK.

  5. Justin

    18. Aug, 2010

    RAD! Most exciting news of the summer bouldering season. Congrats Angie.

  6. campusman

    18. Aug, 2010

    Angie Payne climbs hard stuff left & right.
    I down climbed Ragged Edge in the Spring but couldnt repeat it recently. I forgot the campus beta and didnt grab a key hold i used for my last descent.

  7. Markku Laine

    18. Aug, 2010

    @Mathieu: At least Barbara Zangerl has climbed Pura Vida (8A+/8B) back in 2008 (

    But yes, this could very well be the hardest ascent by a woman. Very well done, Angie!

  8. […] after someone has accomplished a noteworthy ascent.  Today was one of those days for Angie Payne as according to B3Bouldering she pulled off an ascent of the classic RMNP, CO testpiece The Automator (V13).  A worthy ascent […]

  9. Downrater

    18. Aug, 2010

    I think this is the part where everyone tries to down rate it right? Glad she picked a climb that no one can $#$%# with.

  10. […] ist mal eine Ansage! Ein ungeschnittenes Video gibts wohl auch bald! Gemeldet von Jamie Emerson! Die erste Amerikanerin die einen richtigen F8B-Boulder geschafft hat? Inzwischen auch bei […]

  11. sock hands

    18. Aug, 2010

    no. nothing more needs to be said. just let it percolate.

  12. eb

    18. Aug, 2010

    terrific accomplishment, thumbs up !

  13. christopher schulte

    18. Aug, 2010

    just try and downgrade it.

  14. B3

    18. Aug, 2010

    I can’t wait to see the uncut footage!

  15. Andre Di Felice

    18. Aug, 2010

    Pura Vida is piss easy. Probably soft V12. so yea………

  16. m

    18. Aug, 2010

    effort. as mugatu would say: she’s so hot right now.

  17. greasy enchiladas

    19. Aug, 2010

    Love it! Way to kick ass kiddo!!!

  18. sticcs

    19. Aug, 2010

    whuuut? andre… and climbing… ??? it must be big news.

  19. […] could very well be the hardest problem by any woman! Congratulations Angie! Kelly McBride,  Jamie Emerson, Peter Beal and Climbing Narc have all chimed in on her achievement. Angie counts pretzels, […]

  20. sidepull

    19. Aug, 2010

    Awesome achievement but let’s not be too “continental.” Josune Bereziartu has 2 8B’s on her scorecard, one of which she climbed 4 years ago.

    So yes, definitely an amazing, noteworthy, awesome achievement. But let’s not pretend history solely happens in North America.

  21. The truth

    19. Aug, 2010



    Angie is the first to climb a CONFIRMED 8b.

  22. fluke

    20. Aug, 2010

    taken it down town
    sally brown – props!

    The finest workers in stone are not copper or steel tools,
    but the gentle touches of air and
    water working at their leisure
    with a liberal allowance of time.
    Henry David Thoreau

  23. sidepull

    20. Aug, 2010

    I guess that’s one of the beautiful problems with a sport that judges performance on a sliding scale …

  24. Anthony Chertudi

    24. Aug, 2010

    To put things into perspective, Josune Bereziartu climbed traverse boulder problems, not power problems. E la Nave va is rated 8c traverse and traverses the bottom of a cliff for quite a long distance. Traversia de Balzola is also a traverse rated 8b+ and is like (with a 5 move v12 in the middle!) 40 moves or so. Both very impressive. I have tried the later.
    To my knowledge Angie has done the FIrst Female ascent of a 8b power problem! Well done indeed

  25. andi

    04. Sep, 2010

    Andre could not do the first move on Pura Vida

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