Lincoln Lake

Lincoln Lake

Posted on 10. Aug, 2010 by in News

Friday I went to Lincoln Lake with Chad Greedy, Luke Parady, George Capps and others. It was another great day in the mountains. We all went to work on Phobos V12, a new steep problem Dave Graham put up right before he left town for the trade show. The others had been working on it for a bit, and had some really good beta figured out. This is another problem that is destined to become popular. The holds are great and the moves are gymnastic and unique. Motivation was high for all. It was the great kind of session where every climber is just hungry to pull on and go for it. I fell once off the tricky mantel topout, a bit pumped, and climbed it a few tries later. I’m not sure if this will hold at V12, I think it could be V11, but it’s a great problem nonetheless.
IMG_7741 Luke Parady on Phobos V12
I have also been trying Evil Backwords V14. This is such a cool roof and I feel that deep motivation again to try very hard. The weather ever so slightly hinted at the coming fall, and I look forward to the cool temps, dry air, and the turning colors of the tundra.
IMG_7749 A wolverines eye view of the boulders at Lincoln Lake. A keen eye will spy two climbers near Phobos, which will put things into perspective.

7 Responses to “Lincoln Lake”

  1. Danny

    10. Aug, 2010

    *squint* I can’t see em haha

    Any photos of you working Evil Backwords coming soon?

  2. B3

    10. Aug, 2010

    Caroline Treadway took some, maybe I can post those.

  3. cardboard dog

    10. Aug, 2010

    any photos of you working? You know just … working?

  4. Ian Walters

    12. Aug, 2010

    Way Jealous amigo. Good luck

  5. Natron

    20. Aug, 2010

    Whats the name of problem just upslope from this and towards the warmup triangle? The one with the steep sloper/pinch rail that hits a highball juggy crack to finish.

  6. ko

    19. Dec, 2010

    thanks for taking the time to take photos its inspiring

  7. cardboard_dog

    14. Oct, 2011

    I guess no one saw the humor in my “working” comment. C’est la Vie.

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