Mt. Evans

Mt. Evans

Posted on 27. Jul, 2010 by in News

It was a great weekend up at Wolverine Land. New projects were found, new projects were sent, the weather was mostly great and motivation for new boulders is very high. I have been going up with Brian Capps, Dave Graham, Jon Cardwell and of course Chad Greedy. Good times. I’ll let the photos explain the rest.

IMG_7483Cloak of the Tiger V8, Brian Capps FA

IMG_7484Cloak of the Tiger

IMG_7570Jon on a project…V15?

IMG_7585Dave flashing the second ascent of Tangerine Man, a classic V8 established by Jon Cardwell

IMG_7592Dave on a project…V14?

IMG_7631Dave on the project.

IMG_7637 psyched!

9 Responses to “Mt. Evans”

  1. Narc

    27. Jul, 2010

    Projects look sick!

  2. HoneyChile

    27. Jul, 2010

    Look at Dave’s left hand in the last photo. That is some serious webbed finger action! And it kind of scares me

  3. Chris

    27. Jul, 2010

    woah, no joke! that’s some wizard shit…

  4. Andrew

    27. Jul, 2010

    Jamie, Tangerine Man looks fantastic, what is it close to?


  5. B3

    27. Jul, 2010

    It’s in a new sector in the middle of the talus, it’s very good, but also terrifying.

  6. andré

    27. Jul, 2010

    this place looks amazing!!!
    congrats for the job!

  7. steve

    06. Aug, 2010

    hey jamie, what is cloak of the tiger tiger near? it looks really good.

  8. B3

    06. Aug, 2010

    It’s downhill from Chalk on Rock about 30 yds or so.

  9. […] dass u.a. Daniel Woods, Dave Graham und Jon Cardwell gerade ein neues Bouldergebiet names “Wolverine Land” entwickeln – Chuck Fryberger hat ein Video dazu gedreht:       […]

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