Mt. Evans

Posted on 15. Jul, 2010 by in News

Just a quick update from yesterday, Angie Payne made the FFA of Unshackled V9 or V10, with an impressive flash.

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  1. Mathieu

    15. Jul, 2010

    Impressive. What’s your opinion on the grade ?

  2. B3

    15. Jul, 2010

    I think this is hard V9, but V10 for a short climber, as the crux is height dependent.

  3. Lee

    15. Jul, 2010

    Just want to note that the Denver Bouldering Club website reported this first 😉

    Great job Angie!

  4. seth

    15. Jul, 2010

    awesome. rock crusha angie still up in the hizzle! nice jorb.

  5. Nietzsche

    16. Jul, 2010

    Ridiculous Lee.

  6. campusman

    16. Jul, 2010

    Lee Payne pwns

  7. SottyV

    18. Jul, 2010

    you are the smartest person I have ever met, as far as a healthy lifestyle goes. What else besides grape juice and resting a few minutes helps for bouldering?

  8. campusman

    18. Jul, 2010

    Scotty, Ide say mostly having a positive attitude and actually being in shape… Also avoiding things that slow progression down, and or cause digression. Being close with some sort of higher power that is of faith really helps with sending things for me.

  9. scpttyV

    20. Jul, 2010


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