New Boulders

New Boulders

Posted on 07. Jul, 2010 by in News

The alpine zones in Colorado hold so much rock, and present the interested climber with a complex and formidable landscape to explore. It’s a wonderful thing to have. I have been heading up into the mountains as much as I can and have made some interesting discoveries. The days are long and the trails are free of snow.
Hidden deep in the woods of RMNP I found this nice boulder. It needs some cleaning but the rock was awesome, polished black gneiss and the overhang was big.



Last Sunday I drove up Trail Ridge Road and took these photos with my telephoto lens across the valley. A bit of hike for now, (one must drop 1400ft down to the bottom of Forest Canyon, then back up 400ft) but it’s nice to know there are other places in the Park. I am looking forward to making the big hike to these remote areas soon. These boulders lie at the base of Terrah Tomah Mountain and Stones Peak.





In other news, Daniel Woods flashed Small Arms V12 at Lincoln Lake. Nice effort.


10 Responses to “New Boulders”

  1. seth

    07. Jul, 2010

    so much rock….so little time.

  2. sock hands

    07. Jul, 2010

    insane elk shot. me like.

  3. B3

    07. Jul, 2010

    @JJ Thanks. Only you would desire a sharper problem than CBS…

  4. Conrad

    07. Jul, 2010

    God D#$%.
    You really make me ask myself “Why the hell do I live in Texas?”. Thanks for the pics and posts. Can’t make it through the work day without repetitively looking for the newest update.
    I love the frontier of pretty much any aspect of life but particularly climbing and rocks.

  5. greasy enchiladas

    07. Jul, 2010

    Sitting on a beach in FL drinking a beer right now, but those photos make me want to come home hombre……… well……….maybe……….. after a couple more brews and some more waves and bikinis.

    I am glad to see you young bucks getting after these alpine areas. As I told Flan, the Grand Teton is calling you guys! The San Juans and Elks have treasures hidden in them as well!

  6. Adam

    09. Jul, 2010

    Jamie, plane crash in Forest Canyon in RMNP?? Coincidence??

  7. Natasha

    12. Jul, 2010

    Aaaah! So much rock in Colorado!!! There is a lot of rock here in California but so much of it is decomposing choss. Yosemite has the best rock but some of the biggest boulders are mostly blank. Enjoying your posts.

  8. B3

    12. Jul, 2010

    Thanks Natasha!

  9. Pat

    15. Jul, 2010

    You should be aware that the descent into the canyon is more like 2100 feet from Trail Ridge Road, not 1400. And its quite challenging.

  10. Jackie

    31. Jul, 2010

    Hey Jamie,

    You might ask Andy Raether about these, I think they’re the same ones he was working on a bit a few years ago? Anyways, if so he might have some insight as to the bouldering potential for this cluster…


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