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Sunday I went to the Hallett Boulder to shoot some pictures for the guidebook. I didn’t have any intention of climbing, but when some friends Will and Dan showed up, I was psyched to pull on a bit. The weather was cool and breezy up high.
IMG_6105 The North Face of Hallett Peak, with the Hallett Boulder in the foreground.

IMG_6232 The Hallett Boulder, elevation approximately 10,800ft.

In 2005, I had climbed Stranger in a Strange Land from a move in, and when I found out I had started incorrectly, I took it off of my scorecard. I have been feeling quite motivated lately and I thought maybe I could climb it again from the proper start. It took a couple of tries to figure out the kneebar, but I did and could do it every time. A very unique starting position and a great chance to learn a new move. I “reclimbed” it in a few goes from the start, and it felt great to climb such an awesome problem in a stunning setting. Far more impressive, however, was Alex Puccio. She flashed Fireball V10 with ease.

IMG_6195 Alex Puccio flashes Fireball V10

This is one of the first V10 flashes for a girl. I am not sure of others but regardless a great effort. She climbed very well on Stranger as well, and I imagine she could do that on her next visit. Will then sent his project, Fireball, in very good style. Chris Webb-Parsons was there as well, and after flashing Fireball himself (after watching Puccio climb he made the comment, “I need to woman up!”). He definitely stepped up, and made a very impressive flash of Stranger in a Strange Land. It was a great day in the mountains, again. This is a fabulous time of year to be a boulderer and I am thankful for the good times.

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  1. Mark

    28. Jun, 2010

    Dude. So psyched on the guidebook. I was planning on flying out this summer, but it looks like it might not happen, so if I get out there next summer, you think I’ll have a guidebook in hand?

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  3. Adayak

    28. Jun, 2010

    Looks like you’ll have some awesome pics for the guide book – should throw a shot of Alex in there :-)

  4. Ange

    28. Jun, 2010

    So so impressive. Nice work, Alex!

  5. sock hands

    28. Jun, 2010

    — typical jealousy-induced threat against the life of a fellow climber omitted —

    instead: WOW NICE!

  6. campusman

    29. Jun, 2010

    Jamie, you brought the psych…as always!

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