V14 in Brazil

Posted on 21. Jun, 2010 by in News

A while back I posted about a new V14 in Brazil, O Dia Santo. American Daniel Woods, not one to take low grades, has made a repeat, suggesting “soft” V13.

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  1. Chris

    21. Jun, 2010

    why does this just make me smile?

  2. sammy

    22. Jun, 2010

    I hope he didn’t go all the way down there for that. Talk about a let down

  3. matt

    22. Jun, 2010

    to Fillipe’s defense (sorry if i misspelled his name), but i think remember him saying that he’s never climbed outside Brazil at the time when sent, and was waiting to climb in the US to get a better idea of grades…. now that he’s here, i guess we’ll have to wait for him to return and repeat and reassess.

    With that said, it Daniel takes a soft 13, Jimmy Webb takes solid 12. Carlo would concur.

  4. Claudio

    22. Jun, 2010

    Jamie, the downgrade of this “4 stars problem” was already suggested by Felipe Camargo┬┤s recent ascent this year. You know how downgrades are possible in first ascents, so be careful not to cause unnecessary flames here :-) internet makes easy storms in glass of water… btw, Daniel had a great time in Brazil!


  5. campusman

    22. Jun, 2010

    that climb looks so rad when climbed

    the last x GL rat went to Peru! he is bouldering a lot at a huge field

  6. cheech

    24. Jun, 2010

    People get way too worked up about grades and seem to be ignoring the positive aspects to found here: apparently it’s a really sweet problem and Daniel seems to be giving props to the dude in the video as well.

    From his 8a scorecard, Daniel had this to say about O Dia Santo, “Amazing boulder, perfect rock with perfect edges. 12 moves total. 3 tries from start. Had the freak warm wind come or else the grease was going to be too much. Bele is the master”

    It’s not like it was proposed as the world’s hardest problem or something cutting edge, it’s simply a cool-looking, hard (for most people) piece of rock.

  7. B3

    24. Jun, 2010

    I am fascinated by what other people consider difficult. In this instance, it seemed obvious from the video that this problem didn’t look to be V14, and when someone who could confirm it went down there and climbed it, it was found to be not so difficult. I don’t think there is much more to do for me to demonstrate that my interest in climbing is far more complex than grades.

  8. cheech

    24. Jun, 2010

    I wasn’t implying that you in particular are only interested in the grading aspect of climbing, I think anyone who reads your blog at least somewhat regularly can see quite clearly that that’s not the case. It’s just that in the first post about this problem, it seems like the comments were predominantly filled with people slagging it off with few looking past the misgrading. Either way, keep up the thought-provoking posts!

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