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Dave Graham on a project in the mountains.

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  1. kinno

    21. Jun, 2010

    what’s the project like..?

  2. Nick

    21. Jun, 2010

    This sloper is the new standard for V16.

  3. DaveH

    21. Jun, 2010

    Oh man. Assuming that’s a new picture, I hope that Dave has some success and climbs well.

    Haven’t heard any news from him in forever.


  4. peter beal

    21. Jun, 2010

    Jamie you are a tease….

  5. seth

    21. Jun, 2010

    more please.

  6. big poppa chossflail

    21. Jun, 2010

    it’s a dream come true, this boulder.

  7. B3

    21. Jun, 2010

    @DaveH I took the photo yesterday DG is doing just fine. Project is a hard crimp seam, into a very hard compression move, into a very hard technical move, V14?

  8. andré várzea

    22. Jun, 2010

    hi jamie!
    couldn’t you tell us more!?

  9. campusman

    22. Jun, 2010

    DAVE HUME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111

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