Mt. Evans

Posted on 16. Jun, 2010 by in News

Angela Payne has made the 3rd female ascent of Clear Blue Skies V11 at Mt. Evans. Well done.
She has this to comment on the grade, “As for the grade, definitely not V12. I guess V11. Today it felt easy 11, but conditions were good.”

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  1. peter beal

    16. Jun, 2010

    Nice work Angie! “easy” V11, very funny.

  2. big poppa chossflail

    16. Jun, 2010

    this is too bad. i really did not want to add angie to my list of people to kill, she is a sunshiny sweetheart, but now, with this heinous act, it must be so.

  3. campusman

    17. Jun, 2010

    Great job Angie, you still cant climb better than me in Grand Ledge. Nobody can.

  4. seth

    17. Jun, 2010

    AWESOME! Just when I think someone has fallen off the radar…. BOOM! Blowin up like nitro. Nice work Angie.

  5. campusman

    18. Jun, 2010

    angie payne = queen of chaos

  6. […] continued this week out on the boulders as Angie Payne dispatched Clear Blue Skies at Mt. Evans calling it “definitely not V12. I guess V11″ while over in Squamish Thomasina Pidgeon continued […]

  7. campusman

    20. Jun, 2010

    Peter pretends to take things the wrong way a lot, but he actually knows she means its easy for grade

  8. Ange

    20. Jun, 2010

    @Peter— that comment was sent as a text and i didn’t know it would be posted verbatim, so i will add some clarification that i couldn’t add in the text, which limits me to 160 characters :)
    basically, a few years ago when i climbed on CBS, i thought it felt like a solid 11. this year, with amazing conditions and a fresh perspective, i found that it felt a little easier than it did a few years ago. obviously, that could be due to a number of reasons. it is quite possible that my perspective on grades is skewed since i haven’t been climbing outside much in the past year.
    anyway, just wanted to clarify the above comment in hopes of sounding a little less definitive about the exact grade (because we all know we could argue that for all of eternity….)

  9. B3

    21. Jun, 2010

    Ange, I asked you if I could post it and you said yes…

  10. SW

    21. Jun, 2010

    Bring the Payne! Your my f’ing hero.., and you care about small animals.

  11. Ange

    21. Jun, 2010

    @Jamie– i guess i did…just thought it needed some clarification after reading it again. that’s all :)

  12. big poppa chossflail

    21. Jun, 2010

    4 v-grades harder than silverback

  13. Adam M

    23. Jun, 2010

    (ssssiiiiiiigggghhhhhhh)…..Angie. Nice work. CBS”s is hard.

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