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Posted on 09. Jun, 2010 by in News

I found this and while it’s a stretch, I couldn’t not post it. Enjoy. (The impatient can start watching at 3:00)

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  1. chris schulte

    09. Jun, 2010


  2. big poppa chossflail

    09. Jun, 2010

    better stone than castlewood

  3. abe -

    09. Jun, 2010

    hahaha . . . I just seen this yesterday and I wanted 2 post the the link . looks like Im not the only one that thought it was bad ass. freakin inspiring !!!

  4. mervo

    10. Jun, 2010

    supa dope

  5. campusman

    12. Jun, 2010

    Jamie have you heard any news about Mike Tucker’s recovery so far?

  6. B3

    12. Jun, 2010

    Mike, I sent you a message about this a while ago, but Mike Tucker passed away, a week or so after his injury.

  7. campusman

    12. Jun, 2010

    I know, but it was before he passed away. Why cant everyone just think about God like me? I fell at the Red too, I told you in Ohio and I Know that since I thought about God I got to relax and land perfectly…I have to retire I’m too scared…

  8. campusman

    12. Jun, 2010

    (from bouldering, and trad)

  9. campusman

    12. Jun, 2010

    he really is awesome Jamie. I changed my profile picture with him in it last night. Someone painted a picture of your photo of him in Ohio, the facebook site. i’m okay, i just feel so sorry for his family. time has passed atleast, i’m glad i know now.
    Thank you for inviting me on that trip to climb and meet your friends. Thank you so much. He’s very inspiring.

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