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The Insiders

Posted on 14. May, 2010 by in News

The poor weather continues here in Boulder, although today could be okay? Anyways, this weekend is the Battle in the Bubble “With unprecedented media coverage, The Battle in the Bubble is the new model for high-end competition climbing raising the bar to be the highest profile, most watched, American climbing event to date…” and coming in June the 3rd US World Cup in Vail. I have been asked to set again in Vail and it looks to be a great event. Big Up Productions shot some footage with some of the best climbers on the East Coast and perhaps the best routesetter in the country, Chris Danielson. Chris is a good friend and we have spent many long nights together setting. Check out some of his thoughtful work in this interesting new video.

6 Responses to “The Insiders”

  1. Nick S.

    14. May, 2010

    A lot of setters claim to have an understanding of climbing movement, but I’d say Chris is one of the only few who see the importance of variety, flow, and physics in creating a whole package.

  2. sidepull

    15. May, 2010

    sweet vid. i especially liked the starting sloper sequence of the last route.

  3. campusman

    15. May, 2010

    jamie emerson sets the hard climbs

  4. cj

    16. May, 2010

    where was the segment in the video about annoying birthday parties or the crowding of holds on the walls which turns everything into an eliminate?, – because that’s my favorite part about climbing indoors!

  5. campusman

    16. May, 2010


    dont grab the rope with falling

  6. MJ

    18. May, 2010

    Colorado Athletic Training School,
    Climbing Rob’s routes are the closest imitation to real rock that you can get, no comparison,
    Oldest and the Best

    By the way, people that post comments hating on climbing gyms are lame, everyone knowsclimbing gyms are lame,and everyone also knows they are just training and they have their place, and if that is your only option I’m sorry for you, you should move
    That 8 yr old kicks ass

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