Red Feather

Red Feather

Posted on 19. Apr, 2010 by in News

Friday I went to Red Feather with Rylan Marshall. The season there has finally opened up after a cold and snowy winter, and I was set to get back to work on several projects I have put time into. I have been training hard, campusing, and doing systems wall work. I finally got back to the point where I could do a one arm pullup on both arms. My general fitness has steadily improved this spring as I have been setting three days a week on a rope. After a good trip to Joe’s I felt some renewed motivation, which perhaps was the most important key to getting Friday’s project done.
Conditions were perfect, and the spires and rock piles were obscured by an ethereal fog. I climbed an undone line I have worked on for a long time. It was a great feeling and I think this is the hardest first ascent I have ever done.
Rylan and I enjoyed the solitude, scenery, and quality hard problems all day long. We visited three areas that day, I found some new projects and at the end of the day tried an old Brian Capps problem, which I did not complete.

JEcampus02 The Ninth Circle
Photo: Rylan
Photo: Rylan

Another wonderful day in the lonely mountains of Northern Colorado.

10 Responses to “Red Feather”

  1. John Freaney

    19. Apr, 2010

    Congrats on the send bro! Looks like a really nice area.

  2. joe

    19. Apr, 2010

    Looks so beautiful. Loving these recent posts!

  3. hjs

    20. Apr, 2010

    pics of your new ascent?

  4. jacob

    20. Apr, 2010

    nice work, jamie. i know that you worked hard on that rig. it’s such a beautiful and obvious line. was it harder tthan big bang? anyway, congratulations on a proud send.

  5. B3

    20. Apr, 2010

    Thanks Jacob. For me this is definitely harder than the Big Bang. And, we found some really nice new boulders near Mastadon! I couldn’t believe it, but we didn’t get the chance to climb on them. It was a great day.
    @hjs I didn’t take any photos.

  6. tendon

    20. Apr, 2010

    WTF? Was it the Toucan proj/linkup?
    oh wait I’m sorry I meant Vampire proj/linkup?
    Nice send shamamie, good work on that one.

    Ha! couldn’t do the Capps problem…classic.
    me neither he sandbagged that one bad.
    What about just the first campus move thing?

  7. sidepull

    20. Apr, 2010

    Jamie, It would be cool if you did a post about your training regimen, maybe even a “day in the life” video like the one of Tommy Caldwell. Good stuff!

  8. ak

    21. Apr, 2010

    very, very nice header pic

  9. adam s.

    22. Apr, 2010

    what’s the deal with the 3 foot boulder? shorter than i am, add 1 star, work all the moves from the ground, add 1 star, if only it were a drop off we’d have the makings of a 3 star line. looks like a pretty serious mantel, minus 1 star. oh well.

  10. Adayak

    22. Apr, 2010

    Jamie – congrats on your new ascent. Now that you’ve finished your hardest boulder to date you need to start looking for a new challenge.

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