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Gabor Szekely has added a nice new V10 to Flagstaff Mountain, which I went up and repeated yesterday. The problem starts on a jug on the left side of The Butt Slammer Roof, moves to a small right hand crimp, and finishes with a big move out left, to a nice rock over. He called it The Botslayer V10. While the landing is somewhat poor, it’s a great power problem, the kind that are rare in Colorado and it’s only 5 minutes from my place. Check it out if you happen to be near Cloudshadow.
I also did an interview with Chuck Fryberger about Killian Fischuber.

4 Responses to “Flagstaff”

  1. Lowber

    16. Apr, 2010

    Would you say its worth checking out? “If you happen to be near cloudshadow” makes it seem like not much of a destination. Sounds cool though.

  2. B3

    16. Apr, 2010

    I think it’s totally worthy, especially for Flagstaff. The landing is weird, the rock is typical, but the moves are great. I certainly had fun on it.

  3. sticcs

    17. Apr, 2010

    especially for flagstaff? what is that supposed to mean, Jamie??? seriously though its a good climb at a cool area.. and very nearby. also, it’s very atypical for flag- only one pebble-ish hold on it!

  4. Beaudering

    18. Apr, 2010

    i hate that rock. pebbles are cool if they are not sharp. grats Gabor!

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