Mt. Evans

Mt. Evans

Posted on 15. Apr, 2010 by in News

Sunday Herm, Asher, Flannery and I went to Mt. Evans. This was much much earlier than any other time I had tried to visit Area A and we were hoping that at a minimum the Dali boulder was dry. There is no getting around the fact that the hike was absolutely brutal. it took us over two hours to get to Bierstadt, and most of that time was taken postholing in knee deep snow from the cutoff to the actual boulder.

IMG_4561Herm and Flann plough through the easier portion of the hike

At one point, I tried following the river upstream but surprisingly broke through and completely soaked both of my shoes. We finally made it to The Ladder area and once there we “warmed up” by climbing Timeline V0 a few times. Flannery and Herm opted for the high route, traversing over the snow covered talus, while Asher and I stuck with the “trail”. It took us an hour to hike from The Ladder to the Dali wall. Most of the time I would posthole to my knees and it was not uncommon to sink in to my waist. I had no snow pants, snow shoes, gloves, hat, nothing. It was great fun, and there wasn’t much to do but laugh when Flannery and Herm arrived 45 minutes after we did. Thankfully, the boulder was dry and we all quickly tried to warm up and dry off. The climbing wasn’t so productive for any of us save Flann, who fell off the last move of Clear Blue Skies, impressively.

IMG_4554 Flannery made our trip almost worthwhile.

We put off the return hike for as long as possible, but eventually dove in. Things got particularly grim when Herm resorted to crawling on all fours to spread out his weight. This time we made a bee line for the main trail. It took us another two hours to hike out, half of which was in the dark. Although we were all completely exhausted, it was an awesome day in the mountains with friends. I don’t think I’ll be returning to Evans for at least another month.

7 Responses to “Mt. Evans”

  1. tendon

    15. Apr, 2010

    your a glutton for punishment.
    RF was perfect on sunday,
    this post confirms that you and herm are crazy….

    but still not as crazy as me

  2. JamesO

    15. Apr, 2010

    Wow, thanks for taking one for the team.

  3. mervo

    15. Apr, 2010

    jeebus, let me repeat, JEEBUS!!! that sounds like mucho trabajo!

  4. sock hands

    15. Apr, 2010

    as much as i miss early season rmnp, i do not and will not ever miss early season evans. it seems that with less foot traffic over the winter than at the park, the “trail” doesn’t compact at all and is really evil, as you explained.

    flan is so insane. save only for the first, every move on clear blue is harder than the hardest move i have ever done.

  5. parkranger

    15. Apr, 2010

    you should have tried that problem snow covered trails, i think it s caddie corner to clear blue skies… oh wait errr maybe u did it??? LOL funny stuff guy..

  6. cardboard_dog

    15. Apr, 2010

    Jeebus. The talus is hard enouhg in the rain let alone 8 ft of snow. Brave. Thats a death march.

  7. chuffer

    16. Apr, 2010

    Thanks for the report … Flan tried to convince me last week to go with you guys. You guys are nuts, although I’m sure it was awesome fun!

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