Joe’s Valley II

Joe’s Valley II

Posted on 07. Apr, 2010 by in News

The rest of the week in Joe’s was amazing fun, and excellent climbing days surrounded an active rest day trip to Goblin Valley State Park, and a hike into Little Wild Horse Canyon. Despite all the laughter and good times, I couldn’t manage The Masterpiece in no less than perfect conditions. I did also try an awesome project near Groundation. The project is a three move power problem on perfect black rock.

IMG_4286 The second move of the project.

IMG_4293 The difficult opening move.

It must be in the V13 or harder range, and I did one of the three moves. The last day I did all the moves on The Ghost of War V11 or V12 but saved my skin for what became a last minute failure on The Masterpiece. The others in the group faired much better. Asher climbed his project Resident Evil V9, and made some very good burns on The Ghost King V11.

IMG_3887Asher strikes a pose after sending Resident Evil

Rylan managed to get The Ghost King on his final days. Most impressively, Flannery made a two day ascent of Mass Hysteria V11, which is a lower and more obvious start to Hooters V9.

IMG_4030 Flann sends Mass Hysteria V11
Flannery also climbed well on Worm Turns V10

Flannery injured her finger a year ago in Joe’s, and has been out of climbing for almost a year. After surgery in the fall, she has healed up and it appears her fingers are as strong as ever. Well done. Here are some pictures from the second half of the week. I am hoping to get back to Joe’s soon with the beta fresh in my head, as it felt like I ran out of time. It was great to get back to one of my favorite areas once again. There seems to be a sudden flood of things to try, and I am psyched to get out, psyched to train and psyched to get strong again!

IMG_4416The Ghost of War V11/12
thanks to Asher for snapping some of the photos!

12 Responses to “Joe’s Valley II”

  1. Thomas Jefferson

    07. Apr, 2010


  2. Michael Ringsred

    07. Apr, 2010

    being prone to a reoccurring finger injury–i was just curious, how did she injury her finger and was it an A1 or A2?

  3. sock hands

    07. Apr, 2010

    i want my spirit animal to be a shay-nemirow. it is the most powerful of all.

    project look AMAZING.

    the only things that keep me getting up and doing my morning sessions include 3 lines at joe’s… going on 300 at joe’s. every morning at 6am i will struggle to maintain or even gain until i can go back.

    i hope i can talk all of you to join. october 2010.

    investing in futures.

    oh, and the park. july-ish.

    so dope.

    i’m done contemplating v16. the real meaning of christmas… err… climbing is right above here. comebacks, hard efforts, and good times.

  4. Chuck Fryberger

    07. Apr, 2010

    Awesome photos Jamie. Joes is so awesome!

    Flan broker her own finger, it wasn’t a pulley, it was a strange bone failure near one of the joints.

    I actually included her x-rays in CORE.


  5. Flannery Shay-Nemirow

    07. Apr, 2010

    Hey Michael,
    I had a extensor tendon avulsion in the PIP joint of my middle finger. It’s a really rare injury I think, and I’m not sure why it happened in the first place. As far as I know, no pulleys were involved at all. Good luck with your finger. In any case, it’s rad to climb again. And Joe’s is so good!

    Chuck, so excited for Core!

  6. gk

    08. Apr, 2010

    isnt that last pic porn king?

  7. B3

    08. Apr, 2010

    Anthony renamed it The Ghost of War. The Porn King is now what people are calling Seth’s line to the right, which starts on Ghost King and goes straight up.

  8. cardboard_dog

    09. Apr, 2010

    he should have called it the Ghost of Porn

  9. Anthony

    10. Apr, 2010

    You should do Ralf Nader, it is the line on the far left of the proj.

  10. sidepull

    10. Apr, 2010

    the project looks awesome! perfect rock, barely there holds – jealousy brewing inside me.

  11. Woodeye

    11. Apr, 2010

    where does mass hysteria start?

  12. B3

    12. Apr, 2010

    On the good sloping flat edge down and left of the Hooters crimps.

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