Joe’s Valley

Joe’s Valley

Posted on 05. Apr, 2010 by in News

This past week I made it out to Joe’s Valley with Rylan, Flannery and Asher. Spring trips to Joe’s have become almost ritual, and it was great to get away from Boulder for a week. I debated going somewhere new, but I still have so much to do in Joe’s and it really was a logical choice. I am continually impressed with the stunning nature of the lines, quality of the rock and potential for new problems in the canyons west of Orangeville. The first few days we all picked some projects and while there was no sending, motivation was high. We all set to work on our climbs. I was mostly interested in trying The Masterpiece V13, a James Litz problems early in the Left Fork.

IMG_3801 Working the Masterpiece

IMG_3603 Working the Masterpiece

IMG_3852 Hydrogenated Oil V11, which climbs the right arete of the No Additives boulder from an obvious jug through some monos.

IMG_4181 Rylan very close on Trent’s Mom V10

I’ll update with more pictures in the coming days from the rest of our trip!

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  1. sock hands

    05. Apr, 2010

    psyched for the updates!

    in the black utah guide, there is a v7 called no non-seance or something like that… is that the same as hydrogenated oil? seems like the same spot on the block and this may explain why it felt like v-impossible the handful of times i tried it in the past.

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