Movement Climbing on Hannity

Posted on 16. Mar, 2010 by in News

My employer, Movement Climbing and Fitness, has been called out by Fox News pundit Sean Hannity. Typically I stay away from politics here but this was too good to pass up.

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  1. MikeM

    16. Mar, 2010

    Yeah, shouldn’t you guys be climbing real mountains?

  2. Nate

    16. Mar, 2010

    Keynes would have been a gym rat.

  3. Sarah Marvez

    16. Mar, 2010

    Wow! We must have done something right if we’ve upset the dinosaurs on fox news. Makes me proud.

    The cool thing is how the building can help the electric grid in the summer months, when air conditioning puts a huge burden on the grid mid-afternoon, which happens to coincide with peak power production on the building. Essentially this means that Movement, and buildings like it, reduce the amount of new power plants that need to be constructed to meet demand, and also spreads out power generation throughout the grid.

    I felt a little short-shrifted by Fox news… #2 and all they can come up with is go climb outside? Weak.

  4. peter beal

    16. Mar, 2010

    I read the story in the Camera this morning and laughed. #2 in the list? Really?

    Of course, Hannity has a point (shudder) in mentioning that Boulder, Colorado already does have plenty of real rocks and lots of sun. Not to mention plenty of Democrats and snooty liberal elitist climbers. Easy target, too easy really.

  5. Luke Bertelsen

    16. Mar, 2010

    Some of the comments from the Daily Camera site readers are brutal.

  6. campusman

    16. Mar, 2010

    while he makes a funny point, he doesn’t know people stay inside 99% of the day, and he forgot that the topic is about large amounts of being money wasted. Solar energy is not a waste.

  7. campusman

    16. Mar, 2010

    While Hannity makes a funny point, he doesn’t know people stay inside 99% of the day. He also forgot that the topic is about large amounts of money being wasted, and solar energy is not a waste.


  8. Chuck Fryberger

    16. Mar, 2010

    Sarah and I watched the video clip this morning and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Fox is a great example of how smart people can leverage incredible control over dumb people with slanted media reports. I figure that if a climbing gym of Sarah’s design was the second worst thing in the entire country that pisses off Sean Hannity, then she must clearly be doing something right.

  9. AB

    16. Mar, 2010

    Haha, quality American news reporting…!

  10. Joe

    16. Mar, 2010

    I am extremely liberal, but the issue of giving large amounts of federal tax money directly to private businesses does raise questions. Does this give Movement Climbing a competitive advantage in the area? In return for receiving the money, should Movement be required to advertise free intro-to-climbing days as part of this administration’s goal of making Americans healthier?

    It is cool that our government is spending money helping businesses switch to renewable energy sources, and cooler that a great climbing gym got to be of the pioneers in the program.

  11. Rando

    16. Mar, 2010

    Movement applied for a grant and got it. There are probably quite a lot of technological advances we use on a daily basis that wouldn’t have been commercialized as quickly or at all without government subsidies to help them get off the ground. Plus, it sounds like the subsidy is for a portion of the total cost of the solar power, with the business paying the rest. It’s going to provide a service to the community, hence it makes sense for the government to subsidize it. Plus, it promotes the development, and use, of alternative energies that will reduce our dependence of foreign oil and thus reduce our need to field military operations or wage wars to keep our standard of living.

    To the shortsighted simpletons out there who listen to trash like Hannity and company on Fox news, then yes, clearly the government is helping a business, hence it must be cronyism. Where was Fox new when Halliburton was getting millions or more? Wasn’t the vice president directly linked to Cheney? Rumsfeld?

  12. N

    16. Mar, 2010

    With that much money you can keep 7 hippie stoners in prison for a year. Shame on Colorado.

  13. CJS

    17. Mar, 2010

    Shame on you for linking to that scoundrel’s mindless blather.

  14. Owen

    17. Mar, 2010

    We’d have been #1 if it weren’t for the damned robot bees…

  15. nathan

    17. Mar, 2010

    Building new nuke plants would solve the power issue… even France got this right…

  16. sock hands

    17. Mar, 2010

    though i’m a fiscal conservative and generally against big government, i would have preferred hannity to call foul at the printing and planting thousands of road signs nationwide that merely declare which highway projects are paid for by federal stimulous money.

    i do not have the figure at my fingers, but my understanding is that the signs alone cost *millions* to produce and install.


    i’d much rather $150,000 going to progressive technologies like solar than wasting the raw materials and gas for some single-use road signs.

  17. hand up

    18. Mar, 2010

    just a questions, the $150,000+ that was received for the “solar system” how much of it, if not all of it went into the actual system? And beside the benefit of selling electricity back to the grid, what else benefits from the $150,000+? Maybe it would be worth providing some sort of the actual cost and benefit of your “solar system” I am just trying to compute why a gym in Boulder, CO would need this much money to offset the cost of its construction? It just seems odd to me…

  18. sammy d

    18. Mar, 2010

    I hate fox news.

    There seems to be a small gap between 1st and 2nd. 9.3 mill and 150k. Momentum should have asked for a little more

  19. Nathan

    18. Mar, 2010

    This doesn’t bother me that bad…

    But the letter from the government they sent to tell the 110,000,000+ households in the US that they were going to be mailing the census in a few weeks…

    Why not just mail the census…

    What is the cost of a stamp these days…$ x 110,000,000

  20. Mark

    19. Mar, 2010

    The reason is, if you don’t turn in your census they have to send people to come find you, figure out if you did it, if you mailed it in, if it never got to you, if you threw it out, etc. Instead of those man-hours and travel times, they mail you to make sure you’re on the look-out for the census, so you don’t ignore it or toss it out.

  21. chuffer

    19. Mar, 2010

    Screw Sean Hannity, his employer and everything they stand for.

    The only reason to watch FNC is to make sure that whatever you are doing and supporting in this life are the opposite of what FOX news is advocating.

  22. Dan

    20. Mar, 2010

    Doesn’t Hannity live in the US, where’s he could work at lots of news stations, reporting on real news, outside (of the Fox News mindset)?

  23. Cardboard_dog

    28. Mar, 2010

    If Sean Hannity said that 150k was a wasteful government hand-out, then Momentum should give the money back and shut down IMMEDIATELY. Before Sean Hannity devours all of your godless Liberal souls.

  24. Daren

    31. Mar, 2010

    Wow…..Would typically not reply, however most people responding to this have it all wrong.I am not a fan of Hannity primarily because of his focus on all things “God”. It is not the job of the government to provide funds to any private company regardless of intention. This is the job of other private companies who have a mutual interest in say something like “clean energy” as is the case “Movement”. The government is completely broke folks! We just can’t continue to print imaginary money. It doesn’t quite work that way. I suggest doing some research on Ron Paul.

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