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Core Preview

Posted on 04. Mar, 2010 by in News

It’s been a busy week here in Boulder, sadly no climbing outside, but I just returned from a pre-screening of Chuck Fryberger’s new film, CORE. What I saw in this rough cut was incredible. Chuck has stepped up his game in a big way. He did some new and interesting things, that step away from the formulaic approach of Progression, and Dosage and they really worked. The cinematography was outstanding, the themes were excellent and consistent throughout and the music was great. For me, this is his best work. The footage of Nalle on Livin’ Large V15 in South Africa is amazing. If the final product is anything like what I saw tonite, I whole heartedly endorse it.

4 Responses to “Core Preview”

  1. sockhands

    04. Mar, 2010

    trailer looked incredible. psyched for it. i wish the best of things for its release.

  2. Chuck

    04. Mar, 2010

    Jamie, we’re missing some energy bars from the pantry. I mean, seriously, I would have given you some if you just asked.

  3. sock hands

    04. Mar, 2010

    b3po stole them for me. call him robin hood.

    my baby gotta eat.

  4. T-Bird

    05. Mar, 2010

    ya looks so sik!!!

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