Daniel Woods Rampage Continues

Posted on 01. Mar, 2010 by in News

Daniel Woods has continued his tear, climbing Esperanza V14 from the back of the cave to create Desperanza V15. This adds a V7 into the start. In the last month Daniel has climbed:

Terremer, Hueco Tanks, V15 for its third ascent.
The Game, Boulder Canyon, V16 First Ascent
Desperanza, Hueco Tanks V15 First Ascent

not to mention his convincing win at the ABS Nationals in Alexandria on Feb 14th. He writes on 8a.nu about Desperanza “.. adds in 6 moves of v7 to the stand but it makes for the full line. Sent during the rock rodeo… projects back in CO leaving the desert.” He has had the power for a long time and it’s great to see him start to take the lead by doing the first ascents of standard setting boulder problems.

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  1. B3

    04. Mar, 2010

    It’s interesting that we have 60 some comments about what people think about the subjective grade of a problem that none of us have climbed, yet only a handful of comments about the access issues at Mt. Evans, which directly impact the climbing experience of many of us.

  2. Justin

    04. Mar, 2010

    I demand satisfaction! The problem is invalid until someone downclimbs the from the ‘finishing jug’ of Esperanza into the Litz Problem to finish and top out as per Right Martini. This mega classic will surely be v15 and we will call it Despertini!

    For serious though, I’d rather talk about feelings than comment on climbing access and wilderness preservation. That stuff is for girls and they never come to this website.

  3. Narc

    04. Mar, 2010

    Clearly the real problem starts on the boulder you crawl onto to finish Baby Martini, reverses Baby Martini down to the lowest part of the cave then out Desperanza.

  4. Marc Germani

    29. May, 2010

    it felt 15 because the body power was not his strong thing

    it’s all relative to each person, i might feel it’s … (nothing actually) because i probably won’t see the holds ha ha

    so why make a big deal out of nothing? some creatures can walk on a roof, others can’t hehehe

    ok talking seriously, you must not care about grades that much. Grades will make some worthless websites live longer, and that’s not a good thing for Climbing in anyway.

  5. Tom Cooper

    14. Feb, 2011

    Daniel Woods is just sending, sending, sending. Along with Paul Robinson and his V15 nonsense. Keep the Progression up fellas!

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