Northwest Branch

Northwest Branch

Posted on 05. Feb, 2010 by in News

Wednesday I arrived in Washington, DC for the ABS Nationals Season 11 Championship. I am here as part of a four person setting crew which includes Chris Danielson, Scott Mechler and Kyle McCabe. Most of the wall from the World Cup in Vail this year was driven out and is currently being reassembled inside, which should make for a really nice competition. Qualifiers begin a week from tomorrow and finals the day after. The comp is being held in Sportrock, Alexandria, VA and I hope to have photos and updates as the week goes on, particularly of the comp. itself. The crew is awesome and motivation from the setting crew is very high.

I was really hoping for a chance to get outside and tick off at least one new state in my V10 quest. Wednesday was cold, but today was really quite nice, as the sun was out for most of the day. I procured a pad and drove out to Northwest Branch, at the recommendation of James O’Connor, who I regularly climb with at CATS. It took a while to find the area, but I eventually stumbled upon a small parking lot in the midst of East Coast suburban madness.

IMG_2835Northwest Branch Parking Lot

The boulders were obvious and thankfully one side of the gully faced somewhat south. This left the hillside fairly free of snow and I quickly found my objective. I had several options, but due to the snow, the only feasible one was a V11 called Prelude to Crimps. The rock was fairly poor, but I was motivated to just see new boulders, and tick one off the list.


I climbed the stand start Crimps V9, as a miserable warmup and proceeded to have a go at the sit. I tried to be as efficient as possible with skin conservation, beta and attempts. After doing all the moves I took a nice rest, calmed my mind down and climbed the problem.

IMG_2816Prelude to Crimps V11

I find much motivation in visiting these out of the way places and today was no exception.
I can’t thank James and Phil London enough for providing the beta to get me here!


6 Responses to “Northwest Branch”

  1. T. Durden

    05. Feb, 2010

    i applaud your quest and your general level of excitement to even climb @#$% quality rock. On that note I may have found your v10 in Florida…..

  2. campusman

    05. Feb, 2010

    seeya there, I am spotting for open finals!!
    I am competing next year…so psyched, so healthy now

  3. seth

    05. Feb, 2010

    Nice Jamie. Super cool that you ticked another one off the state list, and one from mine and Phil’s home state! werd’up to Maryland.

  4. Ellis

    06. Feb, 2010

    Nice hehe, glad to see my old stomping grounds getting some press. “Curtain Call” is probably the best problem at NWB in my opinion, although the wet winters in that area certainly prove a hinderance to many of the lines there.

  5. charlie

    08. Feb, 2010

    t. durden – – where is ANY v10 in florida?

  6. robert

    09. Feb, 2010

    That is my home town (kinda) the stand is pretty easy. the sit is a pain in the ass. I have done all the moves but find the crux evolves around not dabbing on the rock behind you. Great Job. I would have sent that thing by now if I could keep my butt from dabbing. Also there is a problem matt bosley got the FA there another really thin crimp line that I broke on the 2nd ascent. not sure if it goes anymore. Hope you do good in the comp

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