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Switzerland III

Posted on 01. Feb, 2010 by in News

Here is the third and final installement of my Switzerland video. Enjoy!

Switzerland III from Jamie Emerson on Vimeo.

15 Responses to “Switzerland III”

  1. JamesO

    01. Feb, 2010

    Odd music. . . .

  2. campusman

    02. Feb, 2010

    get up, come on get down with the sickness

  3. seth

    02. Feb, 2010

    the dagger…… unfreakinbelievable.

  4. joe

    02. Feb, 2010

    Thanks a lot for this. Great video, and the place looks AMAZING. How long were you guys there?

  5. fj

    02. Feb, 2010

    you couldn’t have picked worse music. awful.

  6. B3

    02. Feb, 2010

    I just tried something different. No need to get so upset fj. To each his own.

  7. B3

    02. Feb, 2010

    @joe we were there for about 5 weeks.

  8. Ange

    03. Feb, 2010

    fj–maybe you should also know that jamie changed the music (i believe?) from what it was originally so it would be more PG. no need to get mad about that….

    sick to see it all again. thanks.

  9. campusman

    03. Feb, 2010

    TELL HIM ANGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. John

    03. Feb, 2010

    the music is proper and unique

    you suck at climbing if you are worried about the music

  11. seth

    03. Feb, 2010

    what’s with everyone getting butthurt about the music in every vid. hey d-bags…. how about this…… YOU CAN’T MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY.

    Jamie, maybe you should produce a completely silent video, then, no one could complain about the music, only the lack of it.

    frikin idiots.

  12. Davin

    03. Feb, 2010


    Good stuff! Really nice capture of the Swiss quality. There is some stuff in Wyoming that looks like that. Excellent choice of tunes too. Keep up the good work.

  13. Egghead

    04. Feb, 2010

    Sweet frickin vid. No new installments to look forward to? Oh well, at least LOST is back on. Some of us will never climb 8a but it’s still inspiring as hell to watch.

  14. CrackL0ver

    04. Feb, 2010

    Where is Herm’s special appearance credit?

  15. PDrizzle

    08. Feb, 2010

    Thanks for Video PSYCHE Jamie…

    I’m smellin’ a complete DWoods take over in the next year…

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