Daniel Woods sends Terremer V15

Posted on 01. Feb, 2010 by in News

Daniel Woods, who is in top form these days, has done the third ascent of Terremer V15 on North Mountain, in Hueco Tanks. Fred Nicole made the first ascent and Paul Robinson the second. Here is a video of Paul climbing Terremer. Daniel also fell going to the jug trying to do Esperanza from the Shaken not Stirred jug, which is another potential V15. He hinted that the Boulder Canyon Super Project could be the next level… Well done!

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  1. Macca

    01. Feb, 2010

    Great effort! V15 is almost inconceivable, but Daniel obviously has the CV for it. I’m sure he will be someone to watch for years to come and hopefully consolidate even harder grades in the same fashion that V15 seems to have been. The Super project can’t be far away…

  2. chuffer

    01. Feb, 2010

    Certainly suggests the BC Superproj is legit and then some.

  3. B3

    01. Feb, 2010

    @chuffer I totally agree. He is amazingly strong right now. Glad he is putting it the rock!.

  4. B3

    01. Feb, 2010

    I think he said he did Terremer on his first day of trying it this year, although he had definitely put some work into it a few years ago.

  5. […] According to Jamie Emerson, Daniel Woods has done the 3rd ascent of Fred Nicole’s Terremer (V15) on North Mountain at Hueco Tanks.  Terremer connects the well-known V12 Diaphanous Sea with the V14 Terre De Sienne (both also Fred Nicole FAs) to create a long, crimpy testpiece.  First climbed in 2005 by Nicole, Terremer saw its only repeat by Paul Robinson back in 2008. […]

  6. Blake B.

    01. Feb, 2010

    Jamie, do you know how many moves the right martini jug start adds to esperanza?

  7. B3

    01. Feb, 2010

    I think it adds about 7 moves of hard V8 or low end V9 climbing into the start of Esperanza. According to the equation introduced by Australianbouldering.com and repopularized by http://climbingczar.blogspot.com/, this would not change the difficulty of Esperanza, but it seems like Paul Robinson, Litz and now Daniel have yet to make the link.

  8. Ryan J

    02. Feb, 2010

    I think Duttle has put some significant time into the link as well…

  9. matt

    02. Feb, 2010

    more like 5 moves of easy v5…
    for example its way easier than baby martini and not even comparable to the v7 finish of right martini.

  10. B3

    02. Feb, 2010

    @matt Really? felt like an 8 when I was working R. Martini? I don’t know.

  11. Crafty

    02. Feb, 2010

    Matt, clearly it adds some difficulty, regardless of grade, if all of the above have yet to do the link.

  12. matt

    02. Feb, 2010


  13. Mike

    02. Feb, 2010

    I watched Fred try from the beginning of S.N.S. and fall in the middle of Esperanza a few times back in ’06.
    Certainly no harder than v5/6 from start to start.

  14. B3

    02. Feb, 2010

    Regardless, even though it’s literally 10 grades below Daniel’s limit, it still adds difficulty.

  15. philip

    02. Feb, 2010

    anyone know if there is / will be video of daniel doing terremer?

  16. dp

    02. Feb, 2010

    “By now you probably have heard the news – Longmont local and world-renowned strongman Daniel Woods has repeated Terremer, v15, for its third ascent overall.”


  17. […] Posted in Uncategorized by dwpowell on February 2, 2010 By now you probably have heard the news – Longmont local and world-renowned strongman Daniel Woods has repeated Terremer, v15, for […]

  18. Sean

    03. Feb, 2010

    yo, that is some good video and music. Great job to the climbers and videogrophers (spelling?). makes me want to climb again.

  19. Mike B

    05. Feb, 2010

    Jamie, the jug to jug is 5 moves if you do the “tall” man beta and 6/7 if you do the “short” man beta, being there just under a month ago i remember those moves pretty well. To me the foot moves and the core usage would be the most taxing in the long run for the bone move and last 2 big moves of Esperanza. Just my opinion though…when you going to head out to Joe’s? The weather looks pretty Black Lungish right now

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