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Most of the time the weather here in Colorado is great. This weekend looks like a typically perfect January with highs in the mid to upper 40s and nothing but sunshine. Sometimes, however, storms blow in and the conditions can be drastically different from one area to the next, mostly depending on elevation. If the weather is in question I usually check and Another awesome site with more really quality information is NOAA.. These are pretty basic and I would imagine most climbers check them on a regular basis.
Webcams provide an amazingly helpful resource too. Often it can be cloudy and rainy in Boulder, but sunny up at higher elevations. For climbers living in Colorado, there is a web cam for Red Feather, RMNP, and this site, which lists many of the webcams for Colorado. Anyways, it’s another tool in the boulderers arsenal for a successful outing. Enjoy the weekend!

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  1. sockhands

    29. Jan, 2010

    joe’s valley has one too.

  2. leopold

    29. Jan, 2010 is excellent! i always relied on

  3. Brian

    30. Jan, 2010

    I like, especially the state view.

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