Fred Nicole

Posted on 28. Dec, 2009 by in News

Chuck Fryberger has produced an excellent short of bouldering legend Fred Nicole. Very well done. I am glad Chuck has taken the time to document some of Fred’s climbing. I lament the disinterest younger climbers generally have towards developing new areas, as it seems all too easy to tick a V13 to add to list. This does little for the progression of the sport. Fred has done more difficult and worthwhile first ascents around the world than anyone. This contribution has sealed his legendary status.

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  1. sidepull

    28. Dec, 2009

    Awesome. A few thoughts:

    1) I would love to see a feature length film just about Fred. Maybe following him around for a year and getting a sense of how he gets his vision for new projects. Or, maybe having young up-and-comers trying his projects.

    2) This video was really beautiful. More often than not, these sort of profile pieces come off as being sophomoric (think of the Timmy O’Neil climbing up the dormitory or Obe Carrion swinging his golf club in Rampage). Part of this immaturity stems from the climbers themselves, but part of this comes from the filmmaker choosing to display the immaturity as somehow integral to the fabric of climbing. With that long preamble, I would like to say that Chuck has demonstrated a degree of maturity in his film work here that is unmatched in the climbing film world*. Nice job Chuck – make more!

    *Note: I really didn’t like Fryberger’s first shorts and films, so for me to say that either means I’ve had too much egg nog or I really think it’s good. It’s probably a combination of the two, but I’d like to think it’s more based on the latter.

  2. OHClimber

    28. Dec, 2009

    Awesome video! Such grace and control, abounding with inspiration! Thanks for sharing Jamie :) Scott.

  3. glclimber

    28. Dec, 2009

    “I am a climber”… he’s sooo cool!

  4. campusman

    28. Dec, 2009

    I think he was trying to be humble Steve.

  5. Chuck Fryberger

    29. Dec, 2009

    Thanks for posting my video Jamie. I’ve got one in the edit for Paul Robinson as well, so I’ll let you know when that one is hot off the press.

  6. B3

    29. Dec, 2009

    It’s well done Chuck, keep up the good work.

  7. Joe

    29. Dec, 2009

    Fred is definitely one of the few climbers who would be interesting to listen to for an extended period of time in this kind of format. Very well done and I can’t wait to see more.

  8. sockhands

    29. Dec, 2009

    it seems like one reason many filmmakers focus on the ridiculous and lighter sides of atheletes is that there is definite backlash in the climbing world when someone takes themselves too seriously.

    basically, seriousness often translates to “egotistical douchebag” in the minds of the climbing public who view a given piece.

    there are certainly exceptions and fred is perhaps one of the best. when fred talks to the camera in ernest, he does not come across as being self-aggrandizing, nor does he come across as some hippy peace and love and everything’s cool, man wanna-be surfer.

    his words resound with truth and humility.

    perhaps once some of the kids have been on this planet long enough, the lighter portraits will give way to more contemplative pieces.

    until then, i am perfectly content enjoying both styles.

  9. CB Dog

    30. Dec, 2009

    I often view egotistical d bags as those who try to claim recognition for an area they had nothing to do with. Neither finding, nor developing.

    On a lighter note, I love this video.

    And Bambi as well. Both edited perfectly. Chuck I think your shorts were some of my favorites over the past 3 years.

  10. Ovrfiend

    30. Dec, 2009

    Just watched Pure and loved it. Chuck is definitely on top of his game when it comes to climbing films.

  11. chuck

    31. Dec, 2009

    i am a film maker first

    then i am a professional film maker

    but really i am a climber

  12. billy

    31. Dec, 2009

    This has to be the most original post ever made on a climbing blog…

    You think Fred Nicole is a legend? No way, so do I!

    You think the younger generation is less interested in putting up new climbs? So does the website!

    You like watching recycled Chuck Fry footage? Me too!


  13. B3

    01. Jan, 2010

    This has to be the most original comment ever written on a climbing blog…

    You like sarcasm? No way, so do I!!!

    You hide behind anonymity and make smart remarks? So does every one else!

    You like pointing out the obvious? Me too!


  14. Philly Cheese

    01. Jan, 2010

    Great little short by Chuck! To echo some of the comments above, I really enjoyed the way the piece was put together. You really get a good sense of Fred’s vision and style of climbing. I think its great to celebrate his static, controlled and indeed masterful way of climbing with some classical music.

    Oh and Jamie, I recently discovered your blog and I have to congratulate you on the great quality of the media and insights you give. Keep it up in 2010!

  15. campusman

    02. Jan, 2010

    and just to comment on Fred’s style

    he has a static and dynamic style…it flows. That is how I try to climb when climbing hard. Flowing works the best. Adam Ondra flows incredibly well. The dreamtime video shows this well.

  16. andy

    03. Jan, 2010

    extra credit if you can name the problems in the two photos fred flips through at the beginning…

  17. B3

    03. Jan, 2010

    Iron Man Traverse, Bishop, CA
    Full Monty, Hueco Tanks, TX

  18. Dan C

    06. Jan, 2010

    I agree that a full film could be dedicated to following Fred around for a year or at least to a few different areas (I’m sure you could get more than enough footage in a few short weeks in a couple of different places). After watching this I’m excited to get “Pure” and I hear that there is an extended interview with Fred in the extras section. Nice work Chuck!

  19. Chuck Fryberger

    06. Jan, 2010

    @ Dan: PURE does not feature an extra with Fred, but my next film, CORE… (due for release in a few months) will have the extended interview.


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