Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Posted on 24. Dec, 2009 by in News

Just a quick post at the end of the year. I will be taking a few days off from B3, but fear not, I shall return. To the faithful, the faithless, and the devotees to our wonderful sport of bouldering , I wish you all the very best! Thanks for all the support!

7 Responses to “Happy Holidays”

  1. campusmang

    26. Dec, 2009

    knock knock

    Who’s there?


    G who?

    baby G

  2. campusman

    26. Dec, 2009

    oh em G

    zat wuz zo fun e i 4 got 2 laf

  3. Poster285

    26. Dec, 2009

    What an idiot…

  4. B3

    27. Dec, 2009

    campusman, please keep it relevant.

  5. Andy Mann

    28. Dec, 2009

    Beautiful photo Jamie.

  6. B3

    28. Dec, 2009

    Thanks Andy!

  7. GLJames

    31. Dec, 2009

    it was a joke…

    relevant to the time of year

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