Horsetooth Guidebook

Horsetooth Guidebook

Posted on 11. Dec, 2009 by in News

Cameron Cross and Ben Scott have done a nice job on a new Horsetooth Guidebook. Check it out at the Northern Colorado Climbing Coalition website here.

8 Responses to “Horsetooth Guidebook”

  1. peter b

    11. Dec, 2009

    Nice to see the Mental Block traverse hanging in there at V9. Has anyone repeated that yet?

  2. mervo

    11. Dec, 2009

    yup repeated by quite a few. and flashed twice that i know of.

  3. peter b

    12. Dec, 2009

    I was told by a FC local that it had broken and was likely closer to V11

  4. mervo

    12. Dec, 2009

    hmmm… not sure. I know that when I did it, which has been 3 years, it didn’t feel harder than 9. Broken since then, possibly, maybe, haven’t checked it out in a while. I’ll let you know when all this freakin snow melts.

  5. blake

    12. Dec, 2009

    It has broken, and is probably closer to v11, but has been repeated since the break

  6. blake

    13. Dec, 2009

    The major break was more than 3 years ago. Another small edge has broken since. right to left or left to right? Are these both the mental block traverse?

  7. slabdyno

    14. Dec, 2009

    -sounds like another example of over-graded CO chozz

  8. campusmang

    16. Dec, 2009

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