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Daniel Woods

Posted on 04. Nov, 2009 by in News

My buddy Daniel Woods has a new website, check it out!

6 Responses to “Daniel Woods”

  1. sd

    06. Nov, 2009

    dab. link not working

  2. B3

    06. Nov, 2009

    It was, I don’t know what happened.

  3. sidepull

    06. Nov, 2009

    works now (although I’m not sure the world needs another: “me an bros are here climbing this $h!t and it’s hard man but it’s so good so we’re crushing all over it and it’s rad and stuff.”

    Dude climbs hard, I’m not sure the blog does him any good. It reminds me of when Dave Graham started blogging on and about the same time Tori Allen (remember monkey girl?) had published an article in either Climbing or Rock and Ice about her experiences climbing. Tori’s writing made Dave’s attempt at transcendent rambling look childish and empty. I realize Daniel is young, I realize he crushes, I realize he represents the future of new hard testpieces. Given that, if he’s not going to do more than spew teenage cliches and idiocy, he’d be better off letting his actions speak (which anyone can appreciate) rather than his words (which reveal a level of superficiality that betrays his accomplishments). Of course, if you compare him with the twitter-habits of most professional athletes, Daniel looks like Shakespeare, so it’s all relative. I guess seeing his link here, in a very thoughtful blog, got my hopes up.

  4. B3

    06. Nov, 2009

    Daniel is my friend, and no matter how “thoughtful” this blog is and how full of “teenage cliches and idiocy” Daniel’s blog is, I support his efforts.

  5. Jeremy

    06. Nov, 2009

    I personally happen to love all these blogs. It’s just fun. I love to know what these guys and gals are up to. And thanks to B3 for putting it there otherwise I may never have known about it.

    Damn! I think a little bit more of a positive attitude would go a long way.

  6. sidepull

    06. Nov, 2009


    I knew I would get slagged for posting what I posted. So why do it? Your suggestion is that I just have a bad attitude. Let me provide another way of looking it at.

    You could read my post as being extremely complimentary toward Daniel, even reverential. I note that he’s an amazing climber, going so far to name him as part of “the future” of climbing (I even compare him to Shakespeare). So, given his status, I don’t think it’s unfair, mean-spirited or poor style to question the content and tone of his blog. In fact, I think our modern world all too often ignores reflection and, with a knee-jerk, dismisses critical thinking as too “critical” simply because requires additional thinking.

    So, I have no problem with Jamie bringing attention to the blog. I have no problem with Daniel having a blog. In fact, I really don’t have any problems. I just thought this could be a forum for reflecting on how people reflect on their climbing. The fact that Jamie brought attention to Daniel’s blog here made the contrast between the two blindingly apparent to me. That doesn’t mean that Daniel is bad, it simply raises the issue of what modern media means for climbing culture generally, and what the content of Daniel’s blog might mean for him specifically.

    Perhaps I was being a bit too provocative, the goal was not too offend but to encourage.

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