Joe’s Valley

Joe’s Valley

Posted on 27. Oct, 2009 by in Joe's Valley

I went back to Joe’s this weekend with Brian Capps. I was mostly psyched to climb the Skeleton Key V11. This is basically one very difficult move to an easier but dirty top out. When I went there last weekend I wasn’t exactly sure how to start the problem, and the easiest way seemed to be to campus. I fell on the top section because it was so filthy and was psyched to come back. After posting about the problem, first ascentionist Anthony Chertudi, a Utah local, wrote that “… for full points put you feet on.” So I went back and Brian and I figured out how to pull on statically and then jump to the hold.
Brian came with a static line and harness and rapped down and cleaned the holds, figuring out a better sequence for the topout. We both climbed the line, and it was nice to do so in a good style.

IMG_0053 Brian Capps sends the Skeleton key V11

Saturday was somewhat of a low motivation day, but I did find a great project that we somewhat prepared until a rainstorm came. It’s amazing that big proud lines like this are still just hundreds of yards off the road and I look forward to going back and checking it out again sometime.

IMG_0086The project climbs the prominent black streak as is probably V7-V9 or so.

There are three other problems I would love to finish in Joe’s: Black Lung, Blackout and The Masterpiece. It’s always great to get out of Boulder this time of year, as The Park and Evans are done, and race across the desert of Utah.
IMG_0150The open road calls again…

3 Responses to “Joe’s Valley”

  1. wade

    27. Oct, 2009

    God! I miss this mutha @#$%n Place… Sigh!

  2. sweaty

    27. Oct, 2009

    well then you should go dummy! You have no excuse. You are what 6 hours away? I’m like 22 hours. No excuse sir.

  3. paul

    27. Oct, 2009

    jamie, i am heading there this weekend if you want too get on masterpiece that is where i will be!

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