Joe’s Valley

Joe’s Valley

Posted on 19. Oct, 2009 by in Joe's Valley

This weekend I went to Joe’s Valley. It was quite warm and I didn’t climb too much but I had a good time with friends. I worked on a new problem, The Skeleton Key V11 and checked out, but did not climb on a very cool looking line called Zero V13. When the weather cools off I’d like to go back and put some effort into both, and of course I haven’t forgotten about Black Lung.

IMG_9806Rylan Marshall sends The Gentleman’s Project V11

Of a more interesting note is that Paul Robinson made the second ascent of another B3 boulder, James Litz’s Finger Hut direct, which Paul called V13. Here is an email I received from a climber in Squamish:

“Hey Jamie,
Speak of the devil:
I mentioned The Proposal Extension in your B3 Boulders thread as you remember. Well, looks like Sean McColl did the second ascent just recently!!
From Sean’s
09/10/13 Proposal Extension Squamish Proposal into tension extension(7C) Is it 8B? who knows… 2nd asc.
He graded it 8B. Worth noting he considers Proposal “Hard” V12.
No longer B3 problem I guess…”

In the matter of two weeks or so three of these problems have been repeated! Awesome. It’s great to see that other climbers are psyched on the idea and congrats to Paul and Sean, who are both very talented climbers.

IMG_9794Right Fork, Joe’s Valley


7 Responses to “Joe’s Valley”

  1. Justin

    19. Oct, 2009

    Do you have pictures of either problem?

  2. B3

    19. Oct, 2009

    No unfortunately.

  3. sidepull

    19. Oct, 2009

    Where do all of these cool, ambient/abstract/nature photographs come from (e.g., the golden aspens, the leaves in the pool) – are these yours? Amazing stuff!

  4. B3

    19. Oct, 2009

    I take the almost all of them.

  5. Matt

    19. Oct, 2009

    Hey I was wondering if The Zone in AR is a B3 boulder……thought you might know…. also wondering about Full Package??

  6. B3

    19. Oct, 2009

    I am not sure that The Zone and the Full Package are on public property. I believe they are on Chris Schmicks? land and he only lets a select few climb there.

  7. DaveH

    20. Oct, 2009

    @Justin, You probably know already, but in case you don’t: You can see the Proposal in video form on Rampage. You don’t get a sense for the rest of the extension of course, which is what makes that particular climb different.

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