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Saturday I went to Upper with Jaeger and Rylan with one goal in mind, finishing the low start to Mirkwood, which Phil Schaall had done the first ascent of last week. I managed the third ascent on Saturday after a bit of work, and I think this is an awesome new problem. Jaeger made an impressive repeat as well, and this is probably his hardest send.
2009.mirk.jemerson1Photo Justin Jaeger

2009.mirk.jemerson2Photo Justin Jaeger

He called it I Comb My Hair Like God and wrote on his blog, “… I Come My hair Like God V12(maybe). I’m not sure about the grade. My gut tells me v11 but I don’t want to be a sandbagger.” When we first started trying the project the weather was warm and it took a while to figure out the moves. Phil, who has been on a tear lately, failed and then came back and failed to send the problem again. I went to the Black Hills last weekend and Phil made the FA, and I am psyched he went up there and did it. I thought for sure that it was V12 and encouraged him to call him that. After climbing this, however, I would put it on the upper end of V11. I should have listened to Phil! Either way, it’s an awesome new problem, just another to add to the long list of great power problems in the Park. This may have been the last day in the high country, as the report from Carlo Traversi, who hiked to Jade on Monday was a ton of snow in Chaos. I imagine Evans was similar.


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  1. sockhands

    08. Oct, 2009

    thanks for the props and proud send jemerface! i tried really really hard for it, which really opened my eyes and renewed my faith and love of v7s.

  2. Nietzschet

    09. Oct, 2009


    And we were all hoping that that had died…

  3. Rob H

    09. Oct, 2009

    That problem looks amazing! I love that super steep RNP stuff.

  4. campusman

    12. Oct, 2009

    nice sends

  5. Lovelady

    12. Oct, 2009

    Who did the 2nd ascent?

  6. B3

    13. Oct, 2009

    Ben Spannuth did the second ascent.

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