Homestar Video

Posted on 27. Sep, 2009 by in News

Here is the video of me climbing Homestar V11 in the Black Hills, SD

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  1. greasy enchiladas

    28. Sep, 2009

    Nice, but why the rope?

  2. baron von chosscrush

    28. Sep, 2009

    greasy, don’t be foolish. while he was telling folks it was for sport rappelling, it was really so he could complete the custer tri-fecta by chiselling my likeness into this boulder between the two problems. later, my dogs’ faces will be added.

  3. B3

    28. Sep, 2009

    We were using the rope to clean off the top, and the top of King of Town has a heel toe cam that proved to much less scary than advertised.

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