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Saturday we went back to Upper Chaos. This was my fourth day on and I was feeling pretty tired. Wednesday and Thursday I had full setting and forerunning sessions at Movement, where I have begun setting. More on that later. It was warm, and we stopped at The Marble V10, so Justin Jaeger could take some burns on this. I ran around taking pictures. Jaeger couldn’t muster it in the direct sun, but returned on our way back down and finished it off.

IMG_8911Jaeger on the Marble V10, Lower Chaos.

We then went up to my project, Barbed Wire Moustache V11. For some reason this problem does not fit me and this was my fourth day this year on it. I tried using the same beta that I had used on Barbed Wire Beard, by grabbing the first intermediate and jumping to the lip. For some reason I just couldn’t do this from the start and after much failure went back to the original sequence. I found a right heel worked much better and finally managed to get the send. Jaeger has some video which I am sure will appear somewhere at somepoint. Johnny Hork, who has been in top form crushed both versions as did Jon Glassberg. Rylan sent The Moustache as well.
Jaeger put in a quick session on Golden Rows of Flows V10 and I snapped some pictures.

IMG_8933Jaeger works Golden Rows of Flows V10

We hiked up even farther to Mirkwood to try the sit start but both Phil and I failed, with Phil getting very close. I was tired and ready for a rest. Jaeger established several problems in the surrounding talus and it seems there is potential for a whole lot more.
IMG_8971Another gorgeous evening settles in RMNP.

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