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Monday I went to the Park with Chad Greedy and Luke Parady. Chad has put some effort into cleaning an awesome arete just up the hill from Dead Racoon. The line is a striking knife blade over a very poor landing. A fall from the top portion would have dire consequences.
IMG_8673Chad working out the moves
Chad had top roped the line a few times, but seemed rightfully nervous before trying it without a rope. He backed off several times. After a few attempts, Chad seemed to realize now was the time, climbed to his previous high point and shut his mind for the the top. I have no interest personally in climbing such a problem, but I think it is awesome that Chad stuck his neck out for this one. Well Done! Chad and I played rock-paper-scissors to decided that name, and it is Blade of Glory V7. Check out the pics.
7626_145801743912_702813912_2408854_3013036_nChad Greedy FA Blade of Glory
7626_145801748912_702813912_2408855_1247008_nLuke Parady gives it a go.

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  1. Jweb

    10. Sep, 2009

    Well done chad! Another stunna!!

  2. campusman

    10. Sep, 2009

    obviously a good decision Jamie

    don’t ever change bro

    I gave my best spot ever last Sunday

    we were laughing so hard, Tony’s forearm got cut up a little bit.

  3. sockhands

    10. Sep, 2009

    supadope line for sure

  4. campusmang

    11. Sep, 2009

    toprope is the supadope

    only jesus christ can save

    as I walked off that cliff at the red river gorge I thought about The Lord

    do you think he had any injuries? no way, no how, no lie
    G I

    GL rocks your dome for top roping, i am retiring from bouldering.

    (the cliff was not that high, and i landed on a steep hill)

  5. kyle

    14. Sep, 2009

    How’d it feel?

  6. campusmang

    15. Sep, 2009

    for a decent story about it, click on Michael Rathke which is the one above Daniel Woods-


    and speaking of D dubs, some dude commented on my youtube profile arguing that daniel woods is not the best rock climber in the world because he has not sent a 5’15. I was like fine dipsnot, nobody is the best in the world at rock climbing cuz I will destroy anyone in Grand Ledge if they want to try and climb with the King of GL.

  7. slabdyno

    17. Sep, 2009

    GL is now on my must visit list.

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