Colorado’s Hardest

Posted on 25. Aug, 2009 by in News

Added a page up top with all the problems in Colorado V13 or harder.

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  1. peter b

    25. Aug, 2009

    Turn that Frown Upside Down, Gross Reservoir, Paul Robinson (private property)

    Is this a new start?Tommy had the FA as far as I knew.

    How about year of ascent for the problems?

  2. B3

    25. Aug, 2009

    Paul went back and climbed it by pulling on.
    Here is the comment from his scorecard

    09/02/2 turn that frown upside down
    (from a stand start)
    the legit start to TTFUD, no jump start.

    I’ll add the years asap.

  3. Lee

    25. Aug, 2009

    what about The Automator?

  4. B3

    25. Aug, 2009

    thanks Lee, I knew I forget something, it was late and off the top of my head.

  5. campusmang

    25. Aug, 2009

    freshly squeezed

  6. campusmang

    25. Aug, 2009

    the power of ten

  7. B3

    25. Aug, 2009

    Not only was Freshly Squeezed originally graded V11 by FAist Dave Graham, the consensus is now V12.
    The Power of Ten was originally graded V13, but Ty changed his mind after I suggested a down rated to V12 (after doing it on my second day of effort). Daniel is the only other repeater. Andre seems to think this could be 8b. I don’t think others have tried this one much. Anyone?

  8. adam strong

    26. Aug, 2009

    you can add phil schaal to jade, as of tonight

  9. campusmang

    26. Aug, 2009

    freshly squeezed has a side start out right

  10. peter b

    26. Aug, 2009

    Now please add the V12s

  11. B3

    26. Aug, 2009

    Althouhg V12 doesn’t really qualify as “The Hardest” I am working on that list as well…

  12. campusmang

    27. Aug, 2009

    i am sure about this, litz was matched out right. he thought it was the proper start. did u ask him yet?

  13. Brian Solano

    28. Aug, 2009

    I’m not sure Paul deserves FA credit on Turn That Frown Upside Down, just for pulling on instead of jumping…

  14. debaser

    28. Aug, 2009

    Let me save you some time and I’ll just forward you my tick list.

  15. B3

    28. Aug, 2009

    I will reiterate my stance. If someone climbs a problem from any position lower than the original starting holds, then they have added something, and should not only get credit for an FA but have the right to name what they have climbed. Paul gets credit for pulling on, which is how it was originally tried, before Tommy did the easier jump and called it good. Perhaps my label is misleading and I will change that.

  16. Brian Solano

    28. Aug, 2009

    Good fix Jamie!

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