Air Star Project goes down

Air Star Project goes down

Posted on 25. Aug, 2009 by in News

Killian Fischhuber has made the first ascent of an outstanding project at The Roadside area in Rocklands. I had blogged about the “Air Star” project previously. Both Kevin and Nalle put some effort into this one. It climbs a few intro moves of V6 to a huge dyno. This is probably V14 and an outstanding one at that. Killian is one of the best dynamic climbers in the world. Well done!


The dyno is best executed by swinging one foot to gain momentum, and I refer to this as a Moon Kick. At one point Kevin thought that perhaps he could generate more momentum if his foot was heavier, and he made several good attempts with an approach shoe on his left foot.
Here Ben does his namesake move on a classic 8B Cypher.

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  1. Lee

    25. Aug, 2009

    So is that second photo the dyno, or is it from there to the top of the boulder?

  2. B3

    25. Aug, 2009

    Sorry, the dyno is the move Kevin is going for in the second photo. Once the climber attains the middle flake, he/she must dyno again from the flake to the top, or rock over a tenuous heel hook. Kevin did those moves on TR and said it was V8 or V9. Scary, but not not the crux.

  3. Justin

    25. Aug, 2009

    Killian actually chose not to use the leg kick. He said it caused to much swing upon latching the hold.

  4. sidepull

    27. Aug, 2009

    good call on the moon kick moniker – he also did that on eclipse.

  5. SteveB

    27. Aug, 2009

    Klem Loskot also worked this problem on top rope a few years ago. Very impressive line – looks totally improbable. Must have taken a few impressive wingers on the top dyno

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  7. JackCheck

    04. Sep, 2009

    Yes, Klem worked the problem, but didnt use a rope. He only had 3 small pads with him. So he worked it for just a few tries.

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