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After our glorious rest day we only had a few more climbing days. I was starting to lose motivation, though. The weather got warm and after a month in a foreign country, with many “real life” responsibilities looming upon my return, I was ready to be done. I did finish up Nutsa V12, which is a really nice problem at the Roadside Area. Unfortunately I don’t have one picture of this problem.

The next day was warm and and I absolutely flailed on The Vice and I knew I had mentally checked out. There were two more days and I spent them hanging out in the sun, reading, taking pictures and laughing with the crew. It was a nice end to the trip.

IMG_7720Tomorrow I’ll be Gone V10

Here are my final thoughts on the climbing in South Africa, as straight as I can tell it. The rock quality is amazing. The lines are amazing and Rocklands delivers world class problems in both regards. The scenery is awesome and it seems to be a safe destination. I was disappointed with the amount of exploring I did and that I didn’t find one project that looked interesting. The amount of climbing there has been over exaggerated in my opinion. Where Font was lacking in outstanding, proud and obvious lines, it makes up for in concentration of quality rock. Switzerland trumps both areas in my opinion. Nevertheless, Rocklands was incredible and I am glad I got to share my experiences.

IMG_7746Kevin on The Power of One V13, Matt Wilder FA

IMG_7776The Power of One V13


IMG_7800Roadside, Sunset

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3 Responses to “Rocklands”

  1. Ben N

    02. May, 2012

    Have really enjoyed reading these blogs as I am going out to Rocklands in August and is nice to see peoples opinions of the place but the comment of Font lacking in Proud quality lines has baffled me. Did you not go and try or look at the likes of Kheops, any of the big 4, irrversable,l’angle parfait or Partage (possibly the best arete in the world?)

  2. B3

    02. May, 2012

    I thought Kheops wasn’t very good at all, and among the people I climb with that seems to be the consensus. The Big Four are good, but were disappointing, compared to the best problems in Switzerland and Africa. It rained most of the time in Font, and it’s difficult to get excited about problems when they are wet. I thought Total Eclipse was outstanding. Partage has an in obvious start and it has broken. That wouldn’t qualify it as the best problem in the world for me.

  3. B3

    02. May, 2012

    But, that being said, it is really good. Going back in the fall when it was cold I think would be a good time. the quality of the rock is high and the concentration is outstanding. Also thanks for your comments about the Rocklands posts!

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