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Posted on 17. Aug, 2009 by in News

Yesterday, I made a quick trip to The Dali wall to spot some friends, Herm and Brian, on their project. In no more than five minutes, here is what we cleaned up at the base. Please clean up after yourself!

IMG_8161Herm, after cleaning up after everyone else, crushing on Greener Grasses



5 Responses to “Attention”

  1. vanilla

    17. Aug, 2009

    i’ve noticed boulderers are generally way less respectful of most everything –especially the environment. They want a quick fix, cleaning up after themselves impedes that philosophy greatly.

  2. B3

    17. Aug, 2009

    I disagree. Boulderers have put in much hard work to keep area like Mt. Evans open, like trail days and clean-ups. I don’t think it’s accurate to say that generally boulderers are “way less respectful of most everything”. Myself, Brian and Herm and countless others aren’t looking for a quick fix. I just want to remind a messy minority to take care of their trash.

  3. seth

    17. Aug, 2009

    While I agree with you Jamie, I find myself cleaning up WAY TOO much at certain areas…. voo (although generally not climbers), 420’s, Htooth, RMNP, etc.

    Anyone that spends time in the woods just needs to be more conscience about how they impact the area…. this includes fire rings, litter, the famous stashed padz, etc.

    p.s. i hate this subject, it tends to enrage me.

  4. sockhands

    17. Aug, 2009

    same merrygoround: i’d generally argue that every sport climbing crag i’ve been to has had more trash than any bouldering joint. that said, the trash left behild by anglers is worse than all, save for tourists generally, followed by back woods 24hour partypeople.

    bottom line is not to get into another discussion about which climbing usergroup is the messiest, but rather to remind everyone to pick their trash up.

    pay even greater heed when it’s windy.

    same ol’ duh

  5. campusman

    18. Aug, 2009

    “leave no trace”

    stinking weakmos

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