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New 8C in Rocklands

New 8C in Rocklands

Posted on 06. Aug, 2009 by in News

While I was in Rocklands Kevin and Nalle found a monsterous arete. The is one of the single most impressive lines i have ever seen. It was dubbed Project Real Big. It is a stand start on perfect rock and it climbs a stunning arete that I would estimate to be around 24ft. It is HUGE. It is about an hour hike from the road, in a side valley west of the Kleinfontein Area, home of the Hatchling and Sky. I just found out that Nalle, after 12 days of work, climbed this amazing arete and has called it Livin’ Large 8C. Sick! I am totally impressed with Nalle’s commitment to bushwhack out there 12 days to climb this imposing line. Here are some pics I took from the day we went out there. The arete is so big I couldn’t fit the whole thing in the frame.
IMG_7444Kevin attempts Project Real Big, now Livin Large 8C

IMG_7445Nalle on some initial attempts.

IMG_7449Here you can see the top of the arete

Please check out Chuck Frybergers blog here, for more pictures! I imagine this will appear in an upcoming Chuck Fryberger film.

8 Responses to “New 8C in Rocklands”

  1. hayden

    06. Aug, 2009

    do you have any photos of oliphants dawn or golden shadow that chuck mentioned have not been repeated from your trip there?

  2. B3

    06. Aug, 2009

    I didn’t see either one. Oliphants Dawn was originally graded 8B. From what i could gather, it is unclear whether it is really difficult or it just hasn’t been tried that much.

  3. rock climbing

    07. Aug, 2009

    That Arete looks sick. Is anyone close to sending it?

  4. B3

    07. Aug, 2009

    Perhaps you should reread the post.

  5. Mendigo

    07. Aug, 2009


  6. davidn

    04. Jan, 2011

    Thread resurrection – having finally watched Core and seen the insane climbing and strength involved, a question occurred to me…

    What would you have said if Nalle proposed V16 (8C+) for the climb?

  7. […] Large was found by Kevin Jorgeson and Nalle Hukkataival back in 2009. After 12 days of effort Hukkataival did the first ascent, grading it 8C | V15. […]

  8. FreeBSD VPS

    06. May, 2016

    Very impressive indeed. I m guessing he still has a ton of problems he d like to climb down there, but they will have to wait, Sanchez is back in Spain and looking for new projects to crush.

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