Rocklands Rest Day

Rocklands Rest Day

Posted on 05. Aug, 2009 by in News

The Atlantic Ocean is only about 50 miles or so from Clanwilliam, and it seemed like a nice destination for a rest day. Lambert’s Bay is the town and it amounts to not much more than a collection of run-down buildings. There wasn’t much of anything going on.

IMG_6960Atlantic Ocean

We ate a very lackluster lunch there, at a restaurant called Isabella’s. The food was heavily buttered and fried and of a general poor quality. The slow service gave us time to enjoy the heavenly smell of thousands of bird droppings from nearby Bird Island. The highlight of the Island were a couple of comically odd signs.

IMG_6950Bird Island

IMG_6958Bird Island

The ocean was nice, but the view was tempered by the awful smell. I captured a few photos, but after a quick stop in a tourist shop, we were all ready to leave.

IMG_6964Lambert’s Bay


I would never recommend a visit to Lambert’s Bay proper while visiting the Rocklands, however it seemed there were miles of untouched beach north and south of the small town and I imagine some quiet solitude could be found there. If nothing more, I was ready to get back to the rocks and pull down once again.

For fans of The Lord of The Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien was born in South Africa, a fact I was not aware of. We saw a Brandywine River as well. En-joy.

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