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Rocklands Day 7

Rocklands Day 7

Posted on 03. Aug, 2009 by in News

We were seven days in and I had yet to do some exploring. The crew went back to Roadside and I hiked down the hill. For a while there was nothing and then the land dropped into a huge “canyon” There were tons of huge boulders but the rock wasn’t as good as that near Roadside. I was on the hunt for a king line and I didn’t see anything that really looked worth climbing on, given the circumstances of our trip.
Had I found this cluster in Colorado, I would have returned and climbed several obvious but not spectacular climbs. It was really awesome and lonely to be hiking around, solo in the wild of Africa. With talk of cobras and leopards I stepped carefully and kept a vigilant watch. The sun was warm and the scenery was spectacular.

Back at Roadside I met up with a bunch of Americans. They were trying a very nice problem called Caroline V10. It climbs this alligator-back, pinching the ridges and scales. It took me a few tries to figure out the drop-knees and body positions but I managed to get the send.
IMG_6704Collin Horvat sends Caroline V10
IMG_6713Sarah Marvez on Caroline

I then went over and finished off Pendragon V11, a problem I had tried perviously, done all the moves on but failed to link. It was nice to have a short, but very productive, climbing day. I find myself resting more than I would like in an attempt to keep my body from wearing down. One of the challenges of traveling for a month is that I really want to maximize my time. By throwing myself at everything I see, I ruin my muscles and my skin. So today I called it early and began resting.

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  1. michael rathke

    04. Aug, 2009

    i have always loved how unique sandstone is

    the pictures of the routes ive seen at the rock lands are amazing too just stumbled on this site and thought ide share
    eat your complex carbohydrates people, unless u want to break down muscle tissue to the max! also eat a multivitamin & mineral, u will notice a change for the better. even the dollar store sells a good supply of it for like 5 bucks. here is a good list of complex carbs

    someone said im the next sharma lol
    no, im the first rathke

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