Rocklands Day 3…Hollow?

Rocklands Day 3…Hollow?

Posted on 28. Jul, 2009 by in News

Not every day of a roadtrip is incredible. Without the bad there would be no good. The third day started off with a brutal 45 minute uphill hike/scramble to a small cluster of boulders.

Bernd Zangerl had climbed a gorgeous arete at this area. It looked difficult, was graded V12 and I only tried it briefly. This problem is potentially four stars, however I don’t think any one save Kevin was particularly motivated to try. Kevin’s one hour ascent was awesome.

I was super impressed by his technical ability. I feel like I learn something when I watch him climb and that is very motivating. Upon returning to the car about 30 baboons scampered down the hill. They are amazingly human-like. Unfortunately my lens was too weak to get any decent pictures. Regardless, it was a long day that we attempted to salvage by going to The Riverside area, home of Moiste Massey and I didn’t try it. I did manage a cool V9 roof, White Mazda Clan and I tried a gorgeous 4 star V9 with a big move at the top – I got very close but couldn’t commit to the final jump. The Rocklands is 8 hours ahead of Boulder and jet-lag, it seemed, had caught up with all of us.

This day we were hollow, without our muscles or our hearts…

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  1. sock hands

    29. Jul, 2009

    and all of your clan rejoiced knowing that you were out of range from jutin’s kicking…err… “motivating” feet and abusive….umm… “inspiring” diatribes.

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